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A Ground Breaking Approach to Dementia Care at Home

The Good Care Group are a UK wide provider of live-in home care services for people with Dementia. The quality of our one-on-one care has seen us receive more awards than any other UK home care provider and earned us the highest possible rating from the Care Quality Commission (CQC).

The personal approach we take to care for our dementia clients has been proven to vastly improve the quality of life for those living with dementia; as well as offering great peace of mind for their families.

We believe the best place for elderly people with Dementia to live is in the safety and comfort of their own homes. Our live in care solution allows your loved one to stay in the home they know, while receiving professional, round the clock care. And we do this for costs which are equivalent to a care home.

Please watch our short video below to find out more about how we care for people with Dementia then use the enquiry form or call one of our trained advisor's on 0203 728 7577 to discuss whether live in care may be the right solution for your loved one with Dementia.

Specialist dementia nursing and medical care

We employ our own specialist dementia nurse – Dr Jane Pritchard. She has extensive Admiral Nursing experience and is available to provide support and advice throughout your service with us. This is a unique offering in home care, which we are proud to have developed in partnership with Dementia UK. 

Independence and dignity at home

We believe that everyone living with dementia has the right to enjoy a high quality of life in surroundings that are familiar.  Our person-centred care approach combined with a managed and flexible service sets the standard for care. We also take the time to train family members in dementia care, enabling you to enjoy time with your family.

A very personal approach

Our highly trained carers work very closely with people with dementia to learn about their history, personality, likes and dislikes. Whether it’s helping with social activities or simply listening, by taking the time to understand people our carers help people get the most of life and, where possible, enhance it. 

  • Personal care
  • Social activities and lifestyle support
  • Support with memory impairment and cognitive issues
  • Cooking and meal planning
  • Housekeeping - cleaning and laundry
  • Household management/administration
  • Mobility support
  • Shopping and trips outdoors

The Good Care Group are one of the leading providers of dementia care in the UK. For more about specialist care for those suffering with dementia, call us for a chat on 0203 728 7577

Innovative techniques proven to work

We work with medical experts, academic bodies and leading charities to make sure our care is of the very highest standard. Our carers are trained and use a range of best practice techniques to provide reassurance, reduce anxiety and calm behaviours, without using anti-psychotic drugs. 

The SPECAL approach: Making a Present of the Past ©

We are working with the Contented Dementia Trust to introduce  the SPECAL approach to dementia care to help us understand the experience of the person with dementia and to discover what is important to them.  The SPECAL approach, and its associated  methodology,  incorporates a number of therapeutic tools and techniques, including: 

Life History work - this works positively with people’s ability to access treasured memories of the past and re-engage with these using words and gestures to make sense of daily life in the present.

Validation techniques - these respect the feelings of the person, acknowledging the importance of their opinions and thereby avoiding direct contradiction or correction which can only further confuse and upset them.

We recognise that feelings become increasingly significant to the person with dementia, and that intact memories from the past become increasingly useful as a replacement of recent lost facts. We use the SPECAL approach to:

  • Bridge the gap between the person’s past and their activities of daily life in the present
  • Develop communication strategies that enable the  person with dementia to communicate in ways which make sense to everyone who comes into contact with them
  • Promote emotional well-being and protect from anxiety and worry

Dementia expertise

Every person within our organisation is introduced to the SPECAL Photograph Album understanding of memory, ageing and dementia, which forms the basis of the SPECAL approach.   The focus is on understanding dementia from the perspective of the person who has the condition and provides an essential starting point for everyone.  Our Regional Care Co-ordinators and Regional Care Managers complete a higher level dementia training programme based on the SPECAL approach, and our carers are offered a highly practical, skills based learning experience.  On-going training and mentoring, based on the latest thinking and research, means our carers are continually learning how to work positively with those living with dementia.

They are fully supported by a clinical team led by a regional care manager who is there to make sure your service runs smoothly from the start.

Round-the-clock managed service

Our dementia support services can be 24-hour live-in care, day care at home or a short-term respite service – whatever’s right for you.

  • Dedicated care team led by regional care manager
  • Full assessment before care starts
  • Bespoke and flexible care plan
  • Meal planning and household tasks
  • Social activities and lifestyle enhancement
  • Specialist support and expertise - 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

Find out more about our live in care services for dementia

Would you like to talk to someone about the Dementia home care requirements of your loved ones? Use the enquiry form or call one of our trained advisor's on 0203 728 7577 to discuss whether live in care may be the right solution for your loved one with Dementia.

The UK's Most Awarded Homecare Provider in 2013 & 2014



  • The Good Care Group has been, literally lifesavers. My mother has had a year with lots of contentment, fun and even laughter with her two carers who supports her every need. Her amazing carers just cope with everything and I can be as involved as I want to be, but when I am on holiday or busy, life just goes on. What more could one ask?
    Mrs B Parker
  • We turned to The Good Care Group after being severely let down by a home care agency, and we have been glad that we did so. Not only were the care team trained and experienced to support dementia, they took time to understand its impact on both my mother and father and their relationship. My parents are now able to live a peaceful life at home, despite the dementia and physical issues of older age, with warm-hearted caring individuals who have now become very much part of our family.
    Ms D P Perkins

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