Dementia charities in the UK

Dementia charities in the UK

Throughout the United Kingdom there are a number of leading dementia charities that help those who have been diagnosed with dementia, their families and their carers.

They raise critical funds in order to address the many aspects of dementia. These include conducting scientific and academic research into the prevention and effective treatment of the condition, the provision of trained and qualified carers, nurses and support staff, supporting family carers in the community caring for a loved one living with the condition and assisting people with dementia to lead a dignified, independent and fulfilled life.

Whilst there are many smaller, regional and specialist dementia charities throughout the UK, the largest and most well-known charitable foundations supporting people living with dementia and their families include:

dementia charities in the UK

Dementia UK (including admiral nurses)

Dementia UK provides specialist dementia support for families through their Admiral Nurse service. When things get challenging or difficult for people with dementia and their families, Admiral Nurses work alongside them, giving the compassionate one-to-one support, expert guidance and practical solutions that can be difficult to find elsewhere....Read More

They are a lifeline – helping families to live more positively with dementia in the present, and to face the challenges of tomorrow with more confidence and less fear.

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Young Dementia Network

The Young Dementia Network, founded in 2016 is an online influencing community working collaboratively to improve lives. This network was driven by first-hand expertise and experience, and is now hosted by Dementia UK. Their main purpose is to improve the lives of those living with young onset dementia and their families to create positive change for a better future. By doing this, they aim to improve the experience of diagnosis for the person and their family and to allow them to have increase access to lifelong support.

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Rare Dementia Support

Rare Dementia Support offers specialist social, emotional and practical support services for individuals living with, or affected by, a rare dementia diagnosis. Their vision is for all individuals with, at risk of or supporting someone with one of these forms of dementia to have access to information, tailored support and guidance, and contact with others affected by similar conditions. RDS welcomes people from all areas of society affected by a rare dementia regardless of gender, age, marital or family status, race, ethnicity or sexual orientation.

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Dementia UK (young onset dementia)

Dementia UK provides information and support for those that have young onset dementia, where the symptoms can develop before the age of 65. Receiving a diagnosis before this age can be rare and finding age-appropriate support can be difficult. Dementia UK acknowledges that younger people experience different symptoms and that their lives may be impacted more significantly as they may not know anyone else in a similar situation.

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CJD Support Network

The CJD Support Network was established in 1995 by relatives of people who have died with CJD, and is the only UK charity dedicated to this condition. Their mission is to help ensure that appropriate practical and emotional support is available for all strains of CJD in the UK, and those at increased risk of CJD. In order to fulfil their mission, practical and emotional support is provided to individuals and their families via a national helpline and support email service. This supports those with financial needs through caring grants and linking those with similar circumstances through an online community.

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Dementia Research Centre @ UCL

The Dementia Research Centre specialises in rare dementias and visits people from all over the country. There is free training available on their website. This includes ‘The Many Faces of Dementia’ course that is free and provides a unique insight into dementia through their stories, symptoms and science behind four less common diagnoses of dementia.

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Head for change

Head for change is a start up charitable foundation, pioneering positive change for brain health in sport and supporting ex-players who are affected by neurodegenerative disease as a result of their professional sporting career in football or rugby.

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Working together with leading dementia charities

The Good Care Group works collaboratively with a number of dementia charities in the UK, including Dementia UK to ensure the highest standards of dementia care are provided to our clients, whilst ensuring we support families through what can sometimes be a very difficult journey.

Delivering expert dementia care and support with dementia UK

We know how valuable it is for families to have the right support when faced with a dementia diagnosis. Working closely with Dementia UK, we uniquely have our own, full time Admiral Nurse, Dr Jane Pritchard as part of our team. As a specialist nurse, Jane can offer practical and emotional support to our clients and their families at what can be a very difficult time.

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