Dementia Terminology

Dementia terminology

One of the best ways of demystifying dementia and gaining an understanding of the condition is to familiarise yourself with the meaning of common terms associated with dementia.

The term ‘dementia’ itself is the collective name for a range of conditions affecting the brain each of which manifests itself as a progressive decline in cognitive and intellectual functioning. Dementia may arise as the result of a disease such as Alzheimer’s or following a head injury or one or more strokes. The symptom most commonly associated with dementia is loss of memory; although as the condition progresses it may affect speech, learning, behaviour and emotion.

Here is an explanation of some of the terminology connected with dementia, including definitions of the most common types of the condition.


Despite advances in diagnostic techniques, it is still relatively difficult to definitively diagnose the type of dementia that may be affecting an individual as there are more than 150 identified variations.

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