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Mobility care at home

As we get older physical problems, such as arthritis, osteoporosis, diabetes, heart issues or elective surgery, like a hip or knee replacement can all affect our mobility, which can lead us to feel less confident in carrying out our usual day-to-day activities and tasks. Mobility issues can significantly impact the way we wish to live our life, resulting in a loss of control and independence. This can be a worrying time for you and your family as it can raise not just safety concerns, but it can also mean that family members are having to provide increasing levels of care to ensure their loved one is able to live well.

Home is best for mobility care

At The Good Care Group, we have been enabling people living with mobility and frailty issues to live a fulfilled and purposeful life in the comfort of their own home for over 10 years.

Our mobility care services mean you can live well, maintaining as much independence as possible with the right level of care and support – and all the place you love best, your own home.

Receiving compassionate care in the safety and familiarity of your own home has far reaching benefits in improving wellbeing for a person needing mobility care, enabling them to continue to live life the way they choose.

The personalised support we provide from a highly trained and well-matched carer is delivered on a one-to-one basis and is proven to improve quality of life, enabling you to retain as much independence as possible.

Mobility live-in care

Our live-in care service for those living with mobility and frailty issues is highly personalised focusing on a true understanding of the person’s needs. Uniquely in live-in care, we have a dedicated Occupational Therapist, Jackie Cooper in our team who provides expert advice and guidance to those who wish to stay living at home with our mobility care service. Jackie will conduct a comprehensive assessment of your mobility needs and will provide all the equipment for you to live safely at home, with independence and will provide advice on how your home may be adapted for a better quality of life.

We know how much mobility and frailty issues can affect a person’s mood. We not only recognise the mobility issues a person is facing, but also the impact these can have on their emotional, social and psychological wellbeing and adopt a compassionate, flexible and holistic approach to mobility care at home.

Sometimes people are living with a combination of mobility ailments that significantly impact their independence. Our carers are highly trained to manage multiple mobility concerns and we can provide double up care if two carers are required for those with complex mobility issues.


What does our mobility care service include?

  • A comprehensive assessment of your mobility needs and falls management plan to ensure safe mobility in and around the home
  • Dedicated support from our in-house Occupational Therapist through our OT led service
  • Managing and administering medications
  • Companionship as and when you need it
  • Providing discreet and sensitive personal care
  • Specialist nurse-led care through our nurse-led service
  • Planning and cooking meals
  • Facilitating social arrangements in the home
  • Trips and visits out of the home in your local community
  • Domestic tasks
  • Caring for your much-loved pet

Mobility live-in care, short term care or respite care

We provide our specialist mobility care service as either 24 hour live-in care or as respite care.

With a full time, live-in care arrangement a professional carer will live with you in your home providing around the clock care and support, focused on improving your overall health and wellbeing and enhancing the quality of your life. There are many benefits of 24 hour care, not least that the carer will truly get to know you as a person, so not just your mobility needs are met, but they will be on hand to support you to live life the way you wish, with as much independence as possible.

Respite care or a short term arrangement provide an opportunity for a family carer to take a much needed break from caring for someone living with mobility issues or for you to try live-in care for the first time to see how live-in care works and whether it is the right choice for you in the future.

Case study: Making home a safer and happier place for Brenda and Fred

Our full-time Occupational Therapist Jackie Cooper plays a vital role in helping people with mobility and frailty issues to live a fulfilled life at home. She promotes independence and reablement, especially after time in hospital. Here is how she helped one couple whose situation became critical when one of them fell at home.

“I first met Brenda in hospital. She had broken her femur in a nasty fall at home, where she was living with her husband Fred. Both are also living with dementia. After an operation and two weeks on the ward, the hospital’s Occupational Therapist and Physiotherapist felt her recovery would continue better at home, where she would be inclined to do more for herself.

After that first meeting, the family and I met again at Brenda’s home, where I was able to make an assessment and confirm the adaptations it would need to support her through rehabilitation. I explained the details of our OT led service – 24/7 fully managed care with supporting visits from both myself and the Care Manager – to Brenda’s daughter. We agreed that Brenda would be transferred to our care and my immediate priority became ensuring her smooth discharge from hospital.

Community physio was arranged for her return, along with a standing aid and wheeled commode. Space was made in the dining room for a profiling bed.

I made sure Brenda’s return from hospital went smoothly and she soon began to make great progress at home.

The dining room made a good bedroom, the profiling bed supporting her transfers while also making it easier for the carers to provide personal care. After a few weeks, Brenda’s mobility had improved so much that she was able to move back into the bed she shared with her husband and manage well with just one carer.

Brenda and Fred have now transferred from my care to our nurse-led service. Both their daughter and our Care Manager had noticed a deterioration in their dementia, which required additional support from our Consultant Admiral Nurse.

I still call into visit them at home – a familiar and calming environment which has become especially important to their state of mind and quality of life.”

– Jackie Cooper, The Good Care Group’s in-house Occupational Therapist.

Why choose The Good Care Group?

We have been providing high quality, live-in care to families in England and Scotland for over 10 years. At the heart of our award-winning service is enabling people to live independently in their own home with an improved quality of life. Our approach to care at home means our clients can achieve improved health and well-being. For families they benefit from peace of mind and reassurance that their loved one is receiving the very best care and support.

A perfectly matched care team

A live-in care service usually involves two carers working a two-week rotation. They will be carefully matched working with you and your family. We make sure they are skilled and equipped to meet all your care and support needs. Our focus on matching means the care team chosen share common interests and backgrounds. We know this means life is enjoyable for everyone. Your care team really get to know you and your needs, which means you get consistency of care.

Expertly trained carers

All our professional carers are required to complete our leading training programme before they care for our clients. Our programme has been created with leading charities and clinical experts. It goes beyond mandatory requirements in the care sector. Carers are then equipped to provide high-quality care and support for those living with specialist conditions. Our carers never stop learning new skills to further enhance the care they provide.

Continuity of care

Unlike an agency we employ our carers. This means they are committed to us, as we are to them. Carers enjoy the security of being employed, which means they stay with us longer. Those who work for agencies move around more. For families this means that you get continuity and consistency of the same care team caring for your loved one. This means high-quality care can be achieved with improved outcomes and no disruption to your loved one’s life.

In-house clinical experts

We have a dedicated team of in-house clinical experts. This includes a specialist consultant nurse, who also provides Admiral Nurse services to those living with dementia. Our management team consists of nursing professionals. They guide our carers to provide safe and effective nurse-led care at home. We also have our own in-house Occupational Therapist (OT) who works closely with healthcare professionals and our care teams. Our OT provides guidance and advice that enables people to live well in their own home with any equipment they may need. These experts lead, monitor and support our care teams to deliver best practice nurse-led care at home.

Innovative care technology

Unlike any other live-in care provider, we have our own online care community. Families, healthcare professionals and carers can access up to date information about the care being provided. It enables more effective monitoring, which means issues can be responded to efficiently. For our families it provides a reassuring window into the care their loved one is receiving. Our carers also use the online community to share ideas and support each other. It provides a vital connection which is important when remote working. Carers will use the online community so their clients can enjoy time online. This includes video calls with family, so they feel connected. Clients can use it to shop online or browse the web.

Improving health outcomes

Every decision we make is driven by delivering improved health outcomes for our clients. Our digital technology allows us to predict risk and shape the care we provide. We measure health outcomes.

We want to know we are improving the quality of our clients’ lives every year.

Our health and well-being aim to reduce:

  • Behaviours that may challenge
  • Antipsychotic drugs in dementia care
  • Falls in the home
  • Hospital admissions
  • Readmission to hospital
  • Urinary tract infections (UTIs)
  • Chest infections
  • Carer stress
  • They aim to promote:
  • Independence
  • Well-being
  • Excellent nutrition and hydration
  • Enjoyment in life

Highest service rating from care regulators in England and Scotland

Unlike introduction agencies we are fully regulated in England and Scotland. This means the care and support we provide is regularly inspected. We are the only dedicated live-in care provider in England to achieve an ‘Outstanding’ rating by the Care Quality Commission (CQC). We have achieved this rating in all five measures – safe, effective, caring, responsive and well-led. In Scotland, our service has been inspected by the Care Inspectorate (CI). It has achieved the highest rating of a 6 (Excellent) for quality of care and support and 5 (very good) for staffing, management and leadership. We know this provides families with peace of mind that their loved one is receiving the best possible care.

A fully managed service

Families benefit from our fully managed service delivered by care experts. This means you do not need to worry about supervising and managing the carer looking after your loved one. Our professional carers are supervised by an experienced care manager and supported by clinical experts. We provide this support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Your dedicated care manager will be on hand to support you, your loved one and our carer teams. We invest in our care management team to ensure they have enough time to give the support everyone needs. With our fully managed service, families do not have the burden of managing the care arrangement themselves. We know this means families can have peace of mind, whilst enjoying quality time with their loved one. They do not have to worry about the tasks of caring.

Local teams with national coverage

We operate throughout England and Scotland with a local approach to management of our teams near you. Each dedicated care manager local to you has only a small number of clients to support. This means they can provide higher levels of monitoring and support than other home care providers. It also means a highly personalised approach to care can be delivered.

What is included in our service?

Our highly personalised mobility care at home service includes:

  • Full assessment before care starts
  • Bespoke and flexible care plan developed with input from the family and other healthcare professionals
  • Matching of the most suitable care team to meet the holistic needs of our clients
  • Dedicated care team led by an expert regional care manager
  • Meal planning and household tasks
  • Social activities and lifestyle enhancement
  • Specialist support and expertise – 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  • Access to clinical expertise and medical support

Costs of our mobility care

The cost of care for people living with mobility issues is often cheaper than the total cost of domiciliary care at home. When a person is receiving hourly care, provided by a domiciliary care provider it is likely that you will be charged extras for additional services to support the person’s mobility care needs on top of the cost of a carer visiting. These extras add up and can become costly over time. The total cost to provide hourly care to someone living with high or complex mobility needs can sometimes exceed the price of an inclusive live-in care service.

Mobility care at home is typically in line with – and sometimes less than – what you would pay for residential care, with the added benefit of receiving one-to-one tailored care, something that cannot be achieved in a care home.

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