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What's it like to work at
The Good Care Group?

What’s it really like to work for The Good Care Group?

We pride ourselves on really looking after our staff so that they feel supported, happy and fulfilled. Because when our carers feel this way, our clients do too.

Changing career or transferring to a new company needn’t be daunting. We asked some our valued team of carers to tell us about their experiences and what they think makes a successful live in carer. We hope they inspire you to join us too. Here are some of their stories.

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Fiori’s story

Laetitia’s Story

"As live-in carers we are uniquely privileged to support and care for people in their own homes. As such we are invited to live in someone's home providing care and companionship on a twenty-four hour basis.  I cannot think of a more fulfilling and rewarding job. With this privilege comes a great responsibility to respect the trust placed in us to live in someone's house and have access to all parts of that person's home and life. For me this means as one of the highest priorities, fitting in. Fitting into that person's life, their routine, their preferences, not the other way around. For a short time live-in carers should be prepared, graciously and compassionately, to ensure that their clients needs and desires always come first.

I am reminded of my experience with Molly (not her real name). I had been briefed to expect a 'difficult’ and demanding person, someone who would test me and put me through my paces. On the second day, after a reasonably smooth and un-demanding time with Molly, she remarked that I was 'no trouble at all’. Mildly amused, I gently pursued the thread of conversation to discover that Molly had been afraid that I would try to take over and insist on doing things my way, that I would move her things about and look in her cupboards. This is what she had experienced before with live-in carers before changing to The Good Care Group. This is why she was perceived as 'difficult’. Once she realised that I was respectful of her position as the person in charge of her own home and life, and happy to follow her lead, she relaxed and we got on beautifully. The ability to fit in is perhaps the most important quality a live-in carer can have, if we truly want to make a positive difference in someone's life."