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How live-in care works

Live-in care offers a practical, personalised and cost-effective alternative to residential or nursing home care. Under a live-in care scheme, a team of two carers working in a pre-determined rota pattern will reside in the home with you or your loved one to provide a continuous and reliable service, thereby offering complete peace of mind.

Live-in care provides the highest level of one-to-one support and companionship yet allows you or your loved one to remain in the comfortable, familiar and secure surroundings of home.

Retaining dignity and independence

As such live-in care enables you or your loved one to retain their dignity, independence and lifestyle, and is particularly beneficial for anyone for whom relocation into a residential nursing home would entail significant upheaval and loss of independence.

Live-in carers are normally expected to sleep overnight and therefore need their own bedroom as they may live within the home from four to seven days each week.  In any 24-hour period the care worker is entitled to two hours’ time off which may be spent away from the home.

These breaks can be arranged for a mutually convenient time and are to ensure that the carer obtains adequate rest.

Our carers will be unobtrusive and are there to help facilitate someone’s day to day life, allowing them to live life the way they want to with support and guidance as necessary. We will always choose the most appropriate carer to work with your loved one. Our Care manager, once they have assessed the care and support needs will choose a carer based on their experience, skills and qualifications to ensure the best possible match.

More than just live-in care

A live-in carer is always on hand to assist with domestic duties and personal care, to share in and help with hobbies and leisure activities and to offer companionship, but they are also discreet and will recognise and respect a person’s wishes to be left undisturbed.

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Live-in care benefits

As an alternative to obtaining residential care, live-in care offers a wealth of benefits. Individuals and couples can remain in the comforting and secure surroundings of their own home, continuing to live their preferred lifestyle and remaining part of their community. They receive exactly the degree of care and companionship that they require, delivered by expertly trained care professionals.

Peace of mind for loved ones

Families and friends have the sound peace of mind of knowing that their loved ones are enjoying the best possible quality of life whilst in the protective hands of a compassionate carer who has their health, safety and security at heart, is available whenever needed twenty-four hours a day and can respond quickly and appropriately in the event of an emergency.

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