How Live-in Care Works

What do I need to provide my carer?

All that is required is a spare room for the carer to have their own space during breaks and to sleep, with a TV for their relaxation and internet access so they are able to complete the paperwork required to manage your care. The carer will cook your daily meals and eat the same food, with you if you wish.

The carer will need to have a two-hour break in any 24-hour period, which many clients usually find works best when they are resting in the afternoon. If you require care and support during this period many will have family visit to cover this break, or we can organise for an hourly care provider to cover this for you.

Comprehensive care planning

An in-depth assessment of your needs

At The Good Care Group, we have a team of live-in care experts and clinical specialists ready to help you and your family every step of the way. The process starts with a friendly discussion with our care advisors, who will listen to your needs and provide any information you require. We will then organise for a no obligation assessment of your needs – this is a holistic approach that considers not just your care and support needs, but your choices, routines and preferences to ensure you live your life the way you always have with the right level of support. Our care specialist who conducts the assessment will take the time to really listen to you and your family to create the plan of care that suits all your needs. This care plan will then guide our carer and other healthcare professionals involved to provide the care and support you need, as and when you need it.

Matching the perfect care team

We are proud of the approach we take to matching the needs of our clients to the skills, expertise, and personalities of our professional carers. By getting to know you as a person and how you wish to live your life we are able to find carers who share common interests, have the same values that you hold dear and are respectful of how you wish to live in your home.

If for whatever reason we do not get it right first time, we will quickly work with you and your family to make a change if needed. All our carers are highly trained to support those who are living with specialist conditions, like dementiaParkinson or Multiple Sclerosis, or for those who require stroke carecancer care or palliative end-of-life care. Whether you require personal care or complex care at home, you can be assured of a high-quality service from expert carers supported by clinical specialists.

A team of two professional carers supporting your needs

We will carefully match a team of two carers who can meet your needs. They will typically work a two-week period before the other carer takes over for another two weeks. When you first carer is due to take her two week break, both carers will meet at your home to complete a smooth and comprehensive handover, to ensure the incoming carer understands any changes in your care and to minimise any disruption to you and your family.

Our carer community technology platform means that the incoming carer will have had a chance to catch up on everything they need to for the handover, ensuring on arrival a smooth transition takes place.

Support for you and your family every step of the way

Transitioning to a live-in care arrangement

We know that sometimes it can take time for you to adjust to a new person coming to live-in your home and that this can be unsettling for some. We provide unrivalled support to you and your family through the transition, whilst ensuring our care team clearly understands what is required to support this transition. A dedicated expert care manager will be there to provide support from day one. They will meet with you and your family to regularly review progress and their flexible and adaptable approach will ensure your care and support needs are always met and you are living the life you wish.

A fully managed and regulated service

The Good Care Group provides a fully managed service, which means that if a carer is unable to care for you, whether that is a planned holiday or an unexpected period of leave then we can guarantee direct cover drawing on our resource of rapid response professional carers. We work quickly to ensure that you are not left without someone to care for you. Every client is supported by a regional manager and a dedicated care manager, all supported by a central team of regional support assistants. These teams only manage a small portfolio of clients so that you can be assured you will get unrivalled support as and when you need it.

Directly employed carers

Unlike introduction agencies, who will simply introduce you to a carer to manage yourself we directly employ all our carers and value them for their contribution. This means they are committed to us and providing you with continuity and consistency of care. If you have a carer introduced to you through an agency you will be responsible for paying their salary, managing cover for their annual leave and more importantly their supervision and management – all of which can be very time consuming and frustrating for families to manage at a time when they need as much support as possible for themselves and their loved one.

“We have been using The Good Care Group for over 5 years and receive an excellent service. They are responsive and provide trained, caring and compassionate carers. They understand the need to keep the family involved in decisions.”

F Hogg

Peace of mind and reassurance for families

There are many compelling benefits to 24 home care, not least the peace of mind it affords families who can be reassured that their loved one is receiving high quality care from an expert, employed carer who is dedicated to ensuring their loved one gets one-to-one, personalised care and support, whilst significantly improving their overall health and wellbeing. When considering how live in care works it is worth considering other aspects of the service that will provide you with the reassurance you deserve:

Highest service rating from care regulators in England and Scotland

Unlike introduction agencies we are fully regulated in England and Scotland. This means the care and support we provide is regularly inspected. We are the only dedicated live-in care provider in England to achieve an ‘Outstanding’ rating by the Care Quality Commission (CQC). We have achieved this rating in all five measures – safe, effective, caring responsive and well-led. In Scotland, our service has been inspected by the Care Inspectorate (CI). It has achieved the highest rating of a 6 (Excellent) for quality of care and support and 5 (very good) for staffing, management and leadership. We know this provides families with peace of mind that their loved one is receiving the best possible care.

Award-winning care trusted by families nationwide

Year on year we have won more care industry awards than any other home care provider, including four dementia accolades recognising our approach to delivering outstanding dementia care.

Online portal

We know how important it is for our families to feel connected to the programme of dementia care we are providing their loved ones, as and when they want. Our secure online portal allows family members, as well as healthcare professionals to access daily care notes, care plans and a diary of events and appointments. So even if you live some distance away this provides a reassuring window into the care your loved one is receiving.

Monitoring technology

Our investment in technology is focused on improving health outcomes for our clients. We have an electronic medication management system that ensure our clients health is managed proactively and effectively. Carers are also equipped with medical monitoring equipment that detects infection, so it can be managed preventing unnecessary hospital visits.

Improved outcomes

Our nurse and OT-led services directed by our full time Consultant Admiral Nurse and experienced Occupational Therapist are transforming outcomes for those living with complex conditions like dementia. Our diligent professional carers ensure our clients experience fewer falls that result in injury than the average care home resident. They are vigilant in spotting early signs of pressures sores, reducing their rate of occurrence far below that typically experienced in hospital. Our leading-edge care for people living with dementia blends the latest training and techniques to produce more moments of calm and connection. This results in a major reduction in the use of antipsychotic drugs compared with the average care home.

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