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We believe that learning is a vital part of our professional carers journey within our organisation. We call it a journey because that is how we see our employees developing in four particular areas – Experience, Skills, Training and Qualifications.


How to stop older people becoming socially isolated

The effects of social isolation can be pronounced, and may lead to a decline in overall health and wellbeing, in addition to feelings of depression or anxiety Social isolation is a challenging reality for many older people. The effects of


How to Care for an End of Life Client

Live-in Care is suitable for people at different stages of their adult life, enabling them to continue living comfortably at home with the support they need to properly manage their condition or disability. This choice is also extended to those


Recognising and reducing delirium in older people

Find out more about the steps you can take to help reduce delirium and associated behaviours in older loved ones. Understanding how to recognise and start reducing delirium in older people is vital for ensuring your elderly loved ones stay


Practical ways to support older people with hearing loss

Find out how timely intervention, hearing aids and a different approach to communications can help support older people with hearing loss. Taking steps to support older people with hearing loss might be something you haven’t considered before, but they could


The Power of Bubbles

“Yoohoo! Cooee!” she cried out of the window into the courtyard below. When that didn’t work she pulled her hanky from inside her sleeve and waved it out of the window to get their attention. A few steps behind her,


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