Live in Care

Planning for Live In Care & The Cost Of Care

Very few people plan for care in later life, therefore have little knowledge about
care funding, planning and financing options.

Whether you seek our help during a crisis or simply require information about planning
for Live In Care, our care advisors at The Good Care Group are on hand to help you
make informed decisions about all aspects of Live In Care.

What Is The Cost Of Live In Care?

Live In Care has a number of health and wellbeing benefitsand improved quality of life. Cost wise it is also cost effective when comparing to a care home. With Live In Care, you will be receiving a personalised, tailored one to one service for a similar fee to what you would pay to stay in a care home before the cost of receiving care is added.

For most families the cost of care is a very important consideration. At The Good Care Group, we seek to provide all of our potential clients and their families with information and resources to help you make an informed decision about care.

Can My Local Authority Fund Live- in Care?

On your request, all councils within England and Scotland are obligated to assess your care requirements/needs, councils will then decide whether you are a suitable candidate for funding.

Eligibility is determined by two assessments:

  • A Financial Assessments
  • A Needs Assessments

For more guidance and advice on how to apply for council funded care please contact your local authority.

If you believe you are not eligible for local authority funding, please have a look at our comprehensive list of self funding options for live in care.

How To Receive Fully Funded Care Through The NHS

Ask your GP for a Continuing Healthcare screening and you may find that you are eligible for live in care funding through the NHS.

Continuing Healthcare is a scheme set up to provide care funding for individuals with long term health problems.

If you can demonstrate that your needs are:

  • Complex
  • Long term
  • Health driven

Then you may be suitable for fully funded or part funded NHS financial support.

More information on how to apply for continuing health care can be found here.

If you require further assistance on planning and costs please do not hesitate to call one of our trained care advisors on 0203 728 7577 or submit an enquiry, we will always get back to you .

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