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Paying for your care can feel daunting. We’re here to put your mind at rest.

Cost is a significant factor when you’re considering any form of care. So knowing your options – from healthcare funding to benefits entitlement – will help you make a better decision and lift a weight from your shoulders. Our friendly advisors are always here to help.

When it comes to paying for live-in care,
most of us have four main options…

1. Healthcare funding

If you have complex, ongoing healthcare needs, you may be eligible for Continuing Healthcare (CHC), a package of care arranged and funded entirely by the NHS.

Your eligibility is determined by an assessment, which looks closely at your needs before recommending the level of care you should receive. CHC is non means-tested but the qualification criteria are strict. If you are eligible, you may be given the option of a Personal Health Budget.

2. Social care funding

Every one of us is entitled to an assessment of our care needs from our local authority.

Unlike healthcare funding, it will be means tested. So if you are eligible for social care, a financial assessment will establish if you need to fund all or part of the cost.

3. Benefits entitlements

When you’re exploring the options for funding live-in care, it’s easy to overlook a state benefit to which you might be entitled.

So as a first step, it’s worth making sure you’re claiming everything you can. We’ve listed the main benefits here, but you may be able to claim others, depending on your circumstances. Not all of them are means tested and could provide a valuable contribution to your care costs

4. Privately funded care

If you are deemed ineligible for social or healthcare funding, don’t worry.

We advise many thousands of customers who find themselves in that situation. We work in partnership with Symponia – respected specialists in financial care planning – who can help you structure your finances in a way that removes worry and doubt from the future. Here are just a couple of the options you might consider…

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