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Personal health budgets

Following a pilot scheme conducted by the NHS in locations around England, the widespread introduction of Personal health budgets from October 2014 onwards means that adults eligible to receive NHS continuing healthcare have greater freedom of choice over the care and assistance they receive.

What is a personal health budget?

If you, your partner or loved one receives NHS continuing healthcare as the result of a long-term illness, condition or disability, a personal healthcare budget provides a sum of money to fund the provision of necessary ongoing healthcare.

The amount of money available is dependent upon the identified healthcare needs of the individual.

Eligible recipients may use their Personal Health Budget to make their own arrangements for the provision of care from an independent care provider.

Alternatively they can consult their GP in order to discuss their care option and develop a suitable care plan.

Allocating a personal health budget in this way gives the individual more involvement, control and choice in respect of the healthcare they receive.


What can a personal health
budget be spent on?

Once allocated, your personal health budget can be used to obtain whichever healthcare support, medical treatments and therapies, equipment or care provision have been identified as necessary and beneficial to maintaining your health and wellbeing.

Obtaining a personal health budget does not mean that you have to change any care provision from which you may already benefit, but it does provide the opportunity to look for alternatives to any aspect of your care plan which is not helping in the way that you’d anticipated.

A personal health budget can also be used towards obtaining residential care in a nursing or care home or for obtaining live-in care in your own home. This latter option is the ideal choice for elderly people or younger adults who require professional ongoing care and assistance but who wish to retain an independent lifestyle and continue to live in the comfort and security of their own home.

Obtaining live-in care from The Good Care Group with a personal health budget

If you or a loved one chooses to use a personal health budget to obtain live-in home care from The Good Care Group you have the assurance that you are in the capable hands of a professional care provider that has won more wards and nominations for the quality of its home care services than any other provider in the UK.

We specialise in building care plans around the needs of the individual, offering a holistic approach to care which addresses a person’s medical, emotional and social needs. Every carer we supply is employed exclusively by The Good Care Group and benefits from our industry-leading training programme which extends far beyond the statutory requirements for care training.

Furthermore, our carers can offer unrivalled knowledge and expertise in the care of conditions including stroke, dementia, Parkinson’s, Multiple Sclerosis and cancer.

A fully-managed live-in home care service such as that provided by The Good Care Group enables you or your loved one to maintain an independent lifestyle and to pursue favourite interests and activities whilst receiving the care and companionship that is essential to health and wellbeing, all in the safe and familiar surroundings of your home.

You can find out more about the exceptional live-in care provided by The Good Care Group and more about the benefits it provides here. Alternatively, to speak to someone about your live-in care requirements please call us on 0203 728 7577.

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