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Choosing a live-in care provider

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Choosing a live-in care provider

Live-in care is fast becoming the preferred choice for those who need extra help to stay at home. Gone are the days when moving into a care home was inevitable. With the benefits of live-in support better understood, the landscape is changing.

If you want to stay put (97% of us do), the search for the right live-in care provider can begin. Many companies claim to offer a similar service at a similar price, so it can be hard to know which one to choose. How they answer these five questions will help you make a better decision...

1. Are they fully managed?

There are two different types of live-in care provider. Introducers will simply source a qualified carer for you to employ, an approach which can reduce cost, but carries its own set of responsibilities.

Fully managed providers employ full-time staff, train them well and select a carer that suits you. Many consider this a simpler solution and enjoy the extra peace of mind it brings.

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2. What do other people say?

You’ll find personal reviews of many live-in care providers online, from respected websites like Trustpilot or NHS Choices. They’re often the next best thing to hearing it from a friend or family member and could give you a valuable insight into the service you’re considering.

3. Will they improve your quality of life?

A good provider will explain how they will keep you safer and healthier at home. Aside from tailored, 1-2-1 support, this might include making subtle home adaptations to improve your mobility and reduce the risk of falling; or using the latest monitoring technology to pick up the first signs of an infection, helping to prevent emergency trips to hospital.

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4. How do they look after their carers?

The way in which your carer is supported is one of the greatest influences on the care you receive. The best providers recognise the importance of frontline staff, giving them all the help they need to deliver an outstanding service. Some give specialist training in complex conditions like dementia, a deep understanding of symptoms and how they might affect you.

5. How does the regulator rate them?

Reputable companies are regulated and inspected by the Care Quality Commission (CQC). A service is assessed in five categories to be Outstanding, Good, Requiring Improvement or Inadequate.

It must receive the highest rating in at least two categories to be deemed overall Outstanding.

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The Good Care Group and a new standard for live-in care

In April 2019, The Good Care Group became the only provider dedicated to live-in care to achieve an ‘Outstanding’ rating in all five categories of the CQC inspection.

Working through small regional teams, we offer completely tailored live-in care, enabling people, especially those living with dementia, to retain their independence and enjoy a better quality of life at home. Our carers are directly employed, fully managed and trained beyond industry standards to support complex medical conditions with an unrivalled quality of care. 

Uniquely, we also employ a Consultant Admiral Nurse and Occupational Therapist. They support our clients, their families and our carers, identifying even the smallest changes that can make a huge difference to your wellbeing. In our care, you’re far less likely to have an accident at home, pick up an infection or suffer from bed sores than a care home resident.  And thanks to our investment in the latest technology, our service monitors your health proactively, further reducing unnecessary hospital admissions and keeping you safer, happier and healthier at home.

The CQC’s website is a great place to find a regulated provider near you.


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