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Why I Chose The Good Care Group and Why I Stay

Laetitia Hannan, professional live-in carer, returns with another personal blog. This time she opens up about why she chose to stay with The Good Care Group.

I have been with The Good Care Group for three years and​ I have never regretted my decision to choose to work for this company. From the start, for me, the company has done what it says on the tin.

It’s fair to say that when I decided to enter the live-in care profession, I looked at many care companies and fired off several applications. Some did not consider me because I did not have enough experience, some never even got back to me (yes, I know, care companies are inundated with applications), and some just simply required too much information from me.

The thing I immediately noticed was that the application was straightforward and easy.

The next thing that impressed me was that the Recruitment Manager rang me up three hours after I submitted my online application and a Skype interview was arranged immediately. A Skype interview! My relief was palpable, as I had been fretting about how I would manage to get the time off to go to London for an interview. I was working for another care company at the time as a domiciliary carer, and my experience was far from satisfactory. The deal clincher was that The Good Care Group would pay for my travel to London and for my accommodation during the training period. They were, then, the only care company I had approached who did that.

After the initial Skype interview, the well-oiled machine of HR got rolling with an efficiency and speed that almost had my head spinning, in a good way. In no time I had all my documents ready, I knew where I would be staying, how to get there and how to get from the hotel to the office each day.

This was three years ago and I am still with the company. Why do I stay? I stay because this care company is at the top, so to speak. The Good Care Group wins awards for excellence and outstanding care year after year, the CQC rating is the highest attainable. Yes, you might say, that’s all very well, but what is it really like, at grassroots level? For me, I have always received excellent support from my managers and from the office team. This is what counts most for me. As an employer, as opposed to an introduction agency, The Good Care Group has a responsibility to be accountable to its employees, unlike if you are self-employed, and so I believe carers are vetted more stringently than is otherwise the case. There is a managerial structure which supports the carers, we have annual appraisals, pay increases which are based on our performance and numerous training opportunities.

Unlike many other companies, some of whom I’ve worked for, The Good Care Group really cares. They care about the client, which is paramount, but they also care about the carers. This company understands that a happy and valued employee is a good employee. Small things like having a ‘carer of the month’ award go a long way in showing that one’s work is valued. We spend weeks away from our own homes and families, caring for other people’s parents, it can be difficult and lonely at times.

I have never worked for an employer in any sector, where I felt truly valued and whom I felt ‘had my back’. I feel valued here and I feel secure.

Laetitia Hannan is one of our very own Professional Carers who has worked with The Good Care Group as a Relief Carer on the Senior Care Team for over 3 years. Laetitia strongly believes in providing an outstanding service to the clients she cares for, and provides a fascinating insight into the role of a carer. We hope that you enjoyed this blog as much as we did and find it both interesting and useful. If you have any comments or questions please feel free to leave below!

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