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Changing from a care home to full-time live-in carer

Whether you’re making an initial decision on care requirements for a relative whose support needs have changed, or re-assessing an existing residential care arrangement, switching to live-in care is a convenient process without any unnecessary headaches. At The Good Care Group, we prioritise transparency, and will provide all the information and consultative support that you need to make the decision that’s best for your loved one.

Here’s an overview of points to consider when changing from a care home to a full-time, live-in carer, complete with links to some of our more in-depth resources:

How your loved one can benefit from a live-in carer

While residential carers will work tirelessly to achieve high standards for residents, there are some benefits that can only be achieved with a live-in care arrangement. By choosing a live-in care arrangement, your loved one can benefit from:

Enhanced care quality

With live-in care, you achieve a one-to-one care ratio. A small team of highly trained carers – often specialising in specific medical conditions – will be on hand day and night to handle almost any eventuality. At The Good Care Group, we regularly upskill our carers to ensure they’re kept up-to-date with the latest care methods and procedures.


A live-in carer will encourage your loved one to stay as independent as possible, aiding them with daily activities that have become more difficult to help give them a sense of purpose and dignity. They get the freedom to stay in a familiar environment, surrounded by their support network of friends, family, neighbours and beloved pets. 


Live-in care bypasses the need to move your loved one out of their current residence, therefore removing practical logistic and financial hurdles. The dedicated care team will assess the suitability of the home to compensate for age-related conditions, and recommend small changes that can be implemented without much fuss, but make a major difference to a person’s lifestyle.

How to change from residential care to a live-in care package


The same financial support packages are in place for residential and live-in care. This means that – based on an assessment from the local authority – your loved one may be entitled to a significant care package, as well as attendance allowance funding. A recent legislative change has capped all care funding at £72,000, but with live-in care, accommodation costs are covered and meal-related costs are greatly reduced, helping you to get more from your funding package. Self-funding via savings payments or equity release are other viable options.

Find out more about live-in care funding.


Our care team will carry out an assessment of the home when they’re first brought in, and recommend changes that could help to mitigate for medical conditions and reduced mobility. The home will then be re-assessed as needs change over time. From the point at which our carers are brought in, we’ll take full responsibility of domestic duties and administration.


At The Good Care Group, one of the things we pride ourselves on is our consultative approach. We’ll open a dialogue from the start and enable the family and our client to have a meaningful say in how best to compose a care package that meets all of their needs. By having a small, dedicated care team for your loved one, you get the peace of mind that comes from having a single, direct point of contact throughout the care process.

At The Good Care Group, we put your loved one at the heart of the equation, enabling you to get back to spending quality time together, safe in the knowledge that their health, dignity and overall wellbeing are all being maintained as best possible. We use our extensive experience to guide care standards across the industry (even informing national policy) and can provide you with the support that you need to initiate an individually tailored care plan.    

Find out how The Good Care Group could make a meaningful change for your loved one.