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Case Study – Mrs P’s story – returning home from a care home


When The Good Care Group was first involved with Mrs P, she was 85 years old, had a diagnosis of dementia and had been living in a care home for a year. Before transitioning to the care home, Mrs P had been living in her own home, supported by daily visits from carers. However, Mrs P’s care needs became more complex, with a number of falls and Mrs P not being able to attend to her personal needs in between visits, hourly care was no longer the appropriate form of care.

Her family decided to move Mrs P into a care home, where she would have access to the care she required, and would have her personal needs, for example meal preparation and medication management, managed for her.

Unfortunately, Mrs P could not settle in the care home. She missed her own home, her possessions and garden. Mrs P also found the care home routine difficult to adjust to, especially the planned meal times. Mrs P became confused about her situation and interacting with many different carers on a daily basis, made it difficult for Mrs P to form relationships with them. She struggled with her environment.

Her family, not wanting to leave Mrs P in her current situation, looked into other alternative care options. They contacted The Good Care Group and a meeting between the Care Manager, Mrs P and her daughter at the care home was swiftly arranged.

 At the point of meeting Mrs P, she was no longer able to walk and was being cared for in bed. It was assessed that the most appropriate live-in care for Mrs P was a nurse led service, which would manage her complex needs. Over the next two weeks, the Care Manager, Admiral Nurse and Occupational Therapist, worked together to assess Mrs P’s own home and adjust the surroundings to suit her needs, for example a bed in the lounge so she could see out to the garden. Two carers were also matched, who had the specialists skills and experience to support Mrs P at home.

Mrs P returned home on a Spring afternoon. As soon as she entered her home she noticed the daffodils in her garden, and Mrs P smiled. This small, but monumental moment, would be the start of Mrs P’s new way of life.

Mrs P was instantly comfortable back in her own home, with her beloved things around her. The carers had obtained knowledge of all the food Mrs P once enjoyed and Mrs P’s meals were provided at a time that suited her.

 The Good Care Group continued to work closely with her GP and other community services, including the mental health team, to ensure her needs were being met at home.

With the support of her care team, Mrs P became less frail and more independent. She also began to relax, with her carers reading to her and providing company and companionship on Mrs P’s terms.

Although Mrs P’s dementia did naturally progress, she was happier at home. The Good Care Group supported Mrs P at home for 3 years until she passed peacefully, in her own home surrounded by her family, her own things and the carers who had cared for her throughout.


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