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Navigating your way out of lockdown


With the road out of lockdown defined by the Government, children back at school and the 29th March in sight, you may be feeling a mix of emotions about returning to a form of normality. Many will be excited about seeing loved ones again, but for those who have spent the last year mainly within the safety of their home, venturing outside again can be anxiety inducing.

We have consulted our Consultant Admiral Nurse, Dr Jane Pritchard, about the steps you can take to ensure your path out of lockdown is an enjoyable one.

Take it step by step

Do a little bit more each day rather than jumping in the deep end, for example going for a short walk and gradually increasing the time you spend exploring your surroundings.

Be kind to yourself if the situation feels difficult

If you are feeling overwhelmed by the situation, don’t be hard on yourself. There will be many people finding the situation difficult to adjust to, whether that be people who have shielded, those who live alone or those who have been home working.

Reconnect with friends and family you haven’t seen during lockdown

From the 29th March, you will be able to meet another household or in a group of six outside. This is a great time to start making plans with the friends and family you haven’t been able to see. View the situation positively and as an opportunity to reconnect with people.

Take up hobbies that you haven’t been able to do

If you once loved bird watching on the marshes, exploring new surroundings or visiting your local park for a coffee with a friend, start to do these hobbies again. Reignite your previous passions and get back to being you.

Remember not to take things for granted 

It has been a difficult year for all and as the county starts to open up, it’s important to remember not to take things for granted. We have lived without many privileges for many months, so remember the little things that made you happy and enjoy the smaller moments as we forge ahead.

Keep safe

Even with the vaccine roll out and the country opening up again, it is important to keep safe. Make sure you are aware of the current Government guidelines and maintain hand hygiene.

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