Amazing charities working to support older people at Christmas

These charities are among those providing transformative support to older people at Christmas, helping them avoid loneliness and access support services.

Taking steps to support older people at Christmas can make a huge difference.

The reality is that – this year alone – over half a million older people are at risk of spending Christmas day alone. Not only does this lead to feelings of isolation, but it can also make it harder for them to access the support services they need.

With this in mind, we wanted to shine the spotlight on some of the selfless charities helping to ensure older people stay safe and accompanied over Christmas.

Just a few of the charities working tirelessly to support older people at Christmas

These are just some of the charities supporting older people at Christmas:

1. Age UK

Age UK’s mantra is ‘No one should have no one to turn to‘. The charity pledges to be there for older people 365 days per year.

A key component of this pledge is the Age UK Advice Line (0800 055 6112). This vital resource is open from 8am to 7pm every day, including Christmas.

Older people can use the Age UK Advice Line to talk about:

  • Accessing support services
  • Getting help after being discharged from hospital
  • Coping with bereavement
  • Any kind of problem at home

Call handlers aim to give callers tools to help improve their immediate situation. They can also help them access local support services, groups and events.

2. Friends of the Elderly

Friends of the Elderly works all year round to help older people avoid loneliness and access vital services.

This year, it has launched a special Christmas appeal. The aim of this initiative is to help older people stay healthier and more connected by ensuring they have access to a warm home, warm clothing and warm food.

In the charity’s own words, “no one should have to make the unfair choice between heating their home or eating a warm meal.”

When you donate to its Crowdfunder, your money will go towards a ‘Winter Warmth’ grant, used to help older people in need.

This campaign is especially pertinent this year as the Met Office is predicting a colder-than-average December.

3. Community Christmas

Community Christmas organises events and takes donations all-year-round, but focuses its spending on supporting older people throughout the Christmas period.

Its over-arching aim is to help build bridges within communities. This might involve helping local residents set up Christmas events for older people, or giving them the tools they need to stop by for tea and a chat.

You can join this initiative, donate to the cause, or simply help your loved one look through events to see what’s happening in their area.

4. Contact the Elderly

Contact the Elderly exists to help foster friendships between older people and others in their neighbourhood.

This charity takes the position that older people should be able to access help and overcome loneliness all-year-round, not just during Christmas.

By adopting this approach, the charity aims to prevent loneliness over Christmas by ensuring that older people have a community-based support network in place.

These are just some of the charities leading the way in helping older people stay as contented and comfortable as possible over Christmas. Donating to these causes would, of course, make a massive difference. But, even stopping by to check on a nearby elderly resident could be a major help.

Help ensure your loved one stays fully supported over Christmas by speaking to the friendly team at The Good Care Group.

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