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Specialist nurse-led care in the home

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Specialist nurse-led care in the home

At The Good Care Group, we have unrivalled expertise in caring for medical conditions - including dementia, Parkinson's, MS, stroke rehabilitation, cancer and palliative care. Our holistic approach to care is highly person-centred, drawing on experience from medical professionals. Every high needs client receives support from our specialist nurse who oversees the care placement from a clinical perspective.

Experienced hands-on support

Our nurse-led service for clients with complex needs is overseen by our specialist nurse, Dr Jane Pritchard. She has worked as a specialist dementia care nurse for sixteen years. Dr Pritchard can provide clinical oversight, assessment, health and social care liaison, home visits, consultations and information service.

Dr Pritchard provides hands-on support and advice to the regional teams who deliver the care as well as emotional support for clients and family members. Working in partnership with the regional care teams, Dr Pritchard is able to manage successful hospital discharges, critical transitions in care management or family crises where informed advice is given and practical actions are taken.

Continual measurement of outcomes

As part of our commitment to delivering quality home care services, we continually measure the following outcomes as part of our quality and assurance processes:

  • Promoting wellbeing, independence and enjoyment
  • Reducing behaviours that challenge through psychosocial techniques
  • Reducing and eliminating antipsychotic usage
  • Promoting excellent nutrition and hydration through home cooking
  • Falls prevention and management
  • Reducing hospital admissions and re-admission
  • Reducing UTIs and chest infections
  • Reducing carer stress and relieving the burden of care

Working collaboratively

Every high needs client is offered a visit from the specialist nurse at some point on the care pathway. Through this visit, Dr Pritchard will oversee any clinical needs, work collaboratively with relevant health and social care professionals and provide specialist support and training to the carers and regional care team.

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Providing a 24/7 professional service

Our nurse-led care service is managed 24/7 and all our professional carers are employed by us – we are not just an introduction agency – so you can be reassured that your loved one is in safe hands receiving personalised support in their own home, delivered by a professional company with a reputation for high standards of care. An expert, dedicated Regional Care Manager will provide advice and guidance throughout the service, and the plan of care is clinically overseen by our Specialist Nurse. You can be assured that your needs are fully understood and proactively managed; that expertise is always available to you and your care team and that health and social care needs will be seamlessly coordinated.

Nursing and holistic care

Nurse-led care combines the best of nursing and holistic care based services, enabling a cost effective approach which promotes well-being in all aspects of life.

Specialist training programme

All our carers, regardless of experience, complete a specialist and comprehensive training programme developed with leading experts before they are placed with a client.

Providing extra value

In addition to taking on complex clinical tasks, our professional carers will also offer social care, companionship, and support with activities, communication and domestic duties – something that most nurses just don’t offer.

Supporting a variety of needs

Our experienced carers are trained to understand and proactively support physical, clinical, social and cognitive needs and understand the challenges faced by our clients.

Supporting the individual

The care service provided by The Good Care Group is designed to facilitate someone’s life, not to dictate or take control leaving the client in charge of their own way of life.

However, making some changes to the home environment can make daily living at home safer and easier for the person. The Good Care Group works collaboratively to facilitate adaptations and introduce equipment with the assistance of an OT, our regional care team and our Specialist Nurse. This type of facilitation can remove pressures from the family and support the person giving them choice and control.

Finding care for a partner, parent or one’s self is never an easy decision but the best advice is to start planning at an early stage, involve everyone in the decision making process and take action before an emergency or an accident.

The Good Care Group provides exceptional fully-managed nurse-led, high needs, live-in care services which are comparably priced yet superior to those offered by a typical residential nursing or care home.

You can learn more about the significant benefits to health and wellbeing that our quality one-to-one home care provides here. Alternatively, to speak to someone about your home care requirements please call us on 020 3728 7577.

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