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Live-in care for the elderly

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Live-in care for the elderly

As we grow older we may naturally reach a point at which we, or our loved ones, can no longer fully support ourselves without additional help. At such a time, a difficult decision is faced regarding the best and most appropriate way to obtain the care needed in order to maintain a desirable quality of life.

Tailored to the needs of the individual

Research by the charity Age UK reveals that the majority of us wish to remain in our own home, living independently for as long as possible, yet many people still regard relocation to a residential nursing or care home as the only option for themselves or a loved one to receive care in their later years.

In reality, quality live in elderly care is entirely possible even for those with specialist care requirements, with costs typically comparable to those associated with residential care. Fully tailored to the needs of the individual, live-in care offers significant benefits over residential care, allowing you or your loved one to continue to live independently in the comfort and security of your own home, enjoy your favourite activities and remain part of your local community.

Support and companionship

As the name suggests a live-in carer lives with you in your home and is on hand to provide support and companionship whenever you need them up to seven days a week. A fully-trained and professional live in carer can provide a wide range of services including personal and specialist care, assistance with household duties such as making meals, cleaning, laundry and shopping and helping you to enjoy social trips and visits, hobbies and interests.

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    As part of the ‘Later Life in the United Kingdom’ study conducted by Age UK, older people benefiting from live in care were asked in which ways the care and support services they received helped them. The most commonly giver answers were:

    • Personal care (68% of respondents)
    • Feeling safe and secure (55%)
    • Meals (54%)
    • Keeping my home clean and comfortable (51%)
    • Having control over daily life (49%)
    • Social contact with people I like (42%) and
    • Doing things I value and enjoy (33%)

    Award-winning and cost-effective

    One-to-one live in elderly care is becoming an increasingly popular alternative to obtaining residence in a care or nursing home as it avoids the need for upheaval, potential separation from a loving partner or treasured pet and the potential loss of freedom and independence.

    Since 2009 The Good Care Group has provided award-winning and cost-effective live-in care for older individuals and couples. Our vision is to be the leading provider of high quality care in the home that enables older people to enjoy staying safely and happily in their own homes and community for as long as possible whilst enhancing their wellbeing and lifestyle.

    You can find out more about our extensive live in care for the elderly here. Alternatively, to speak to someone about your home care requirements please call us on 020 3728 7577.

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