Specialist home care

Leading the way in specialist care
of medical conditions

Specialist nursing and medical care

Supported by our specialist nurse, Dr. Penny Hibberd, our professional care teams support clients with nursing care at home.  All our professional carers are qualified to manage and administer medications and support with a number of medical interventions.

We understand that complex care can require equipment and other adaptations to the home. Our dedicated regional care team will liaise with doctors, district nurses, OTs, physiotherapists and other health and social care professionals, to manage all health care needs to ensure a holistic and multi-disciplinary care plan is in place.

The care delivered is supported by excellent quality assurance processes ensuring the highest standards of service are delivered at all times.

Support with medical care can include:

  • Urethral and supra pubic catheter care
  • Suppositories
  • Convene catheter management
  • Diabetes blood sugar monitoring
  • Stoma – ileostomy, colostomy, urostomy
  • Inhalers
  • PEG inc bolus and continuous
  • Nebuliser
  • Insulin injections
  • Medications management
  • Gastronomy support
  • Continence care  
  • Oxygen therapy
  • Support with syringe drivers

Dr Penny Hibberd - Specialist Nurse at The Good Care Group

To enable the frail elderly to live well at home, home care needs to be supported by an expert team, which includes clinical support. People over 65 years will inevitably have co-morbidities that often includes dementia adding to the complexity of needs. Access to nursing support and collaborative practice with health and social care professionals ensures sound care is delivered.

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