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Keeping you safe at home

As we head into the winter months, home safety is extremely important as the days become shorter with darker mornings and evenings. There is a need for specific attention to be given to lighting, slippery floors due to wet footprints, hot radiators and pipes and in the garden; clearing up fallen leaves that could obstruct the pathways, and gritting the paths when the icy winter weather arrives.

Why is it important to keep a safe home environment?

  • New wear and tear on the floor coverings and furnishings can increase the risk of tripping and injury e.g. rugs or carpet becoming frayed.
  • There could be a change in health conditions e.g. a change in vision or mobility.
  • You or your loved one could become less able to tidy up or more likely to leave items around causing a tripping hazard.
  • There may be a greater risk of harm or injury if cognition has declined and become unable to use utensils or equipment safely.

What our team of carers check:

  • Rugs and floor coverings to reduce tripping hazards.
  • Trailing wires or clutter in the walkways, are items left on the floor or on the stairs?
  • Additional grab rails required on the stairs or in the bathroom if the condition changes.
  • Pathways in the garden are free of weeds and/or leaves.
  • Fire alarms have been recently tested.
  • Radiators are kept at a safe temperature so as not to cause burns when leant on or touched.
  • Hot water pipes have lagging on them to reduce the risk of burns if touched.
  • Safe storage of items e.g. sharp knives, medication, cleaning materials.
  • Lighting is bright, particularly in the evenings or early morning.

At The Good Care Group, all our carers attend thorough training before they start a placement with us, so that they are aware of potential risks within the home and know how to act promptly to keep a safe space for you or your loved one. 

We also offer an OT-lead specialist service that is overseen by our in-house Occupational Therapist, Jackie Cooper, who provides support and oversight to ensure that you or your loved one will live safely and well at-home.This has improved outcomes for those who are at high risk of falling, with mobility challenges or goals, and for those transitioning home from hospital or another care setting.

Once you start your journey with  The Good Care Group, a Care Manager from our team of professionals will complete an initial assessment of the home before the care commences and will review this during their visits. We also ensure that our carers continually keep an eye out for any risks or hazards to ensure that the home remains a safe place.

Interested in hearing more about our services?

To arrange a free home care assessment, please get in touch using this enquiry form. Or feel free to call us on 0808 189 9513.

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Content authored by Chloe Brown 12 October 2023

Chloe is our Digital Marketing Executive, helping to support the marketing team to deliver informative campaigns via the website, search and email, aswell as managing our online reputation. She has worked for The Good Care Group since 2022 and has a degree in Marketing.

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Content reviewed by Jackie Cooper 12 October 2023

Jackie is a qualified occupational therapist and is registered with the Health Care Professionals Council (HCPC). She provides support and advice for our clients with mobility and transfer needs, and has nearly 40 years’ experience in occupational therapy.

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