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What do I need to provide a live-in carer with?

If you are considering live-in for the first time, you might be wondering what you will be expected to provide your carer. When a carer is providing daily assistance in your home, it’s important they have a place to relax comfortably and recharge so that they can provide the high quality of standards you should expect.

At The Good Care Group, we ask our clients to provide our carers with these simple accommodations:

  • Their own private bedroom. This bedroom should include a comfortable bed, a place to store their belongings and, ideally, a television.
  • Access to a bathroom. This can be shared.
  • Access to a kitchen. This can be shared.
  • Wi-Fi so they can complete the paperwork required to manage your care.

In this video, our Client Services Manager explains in more detail what you will need to provide a live-in carer.

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