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What Black History Month means to our team

The Good Care Group is proud to employ people from over 40 different nationalities in our business. What everyone has in common is a real desire to provide outstanding care. Our diversity is part of our DNA and the reason we think there’s nowhere better for your career in care.

As October is Black History Month, our team members share their thoughts on the importance of Black history and cultural expression.

Sharon Uwaibi, Internal Recruiter at The Good Care Group:

“October is Black History Month, a celebration of the history, contributions and accomplishments of African and Caribbean people and heritage; launched in the UK in 1987. Black History Month originated in the US in the hopes of countering the concealment of Black history and excellence and also to challenge negative stereotypes.

The theme this year for Black History Month is ‘Proud to be’ and for me, proud to be means being proud to be part of African and Caribbean history, culture and way of life. This month for me is about showing respect to those that came before us, those that paved the way to a brighter present and future.

Many may not know that slavery was not the beginning of the black community’s experience in England, with the likes of John Blanke who was a royal Trumpeter in the courts of Henry VII and Henry VIII in London in the early 16th century. Additionally, when we think about the Caribbean migration in Britain, we often associate it with the windrush generation, who arrived in Britain between 1948 and 1971. However, black people came over from Jamaica long before this to help fight in World War I. In British society, black people continue to make huge contributions in the fields of art, music, science, literature and a variety of other areas.

Black History Month recognises the strength, courage and power that has come before us in spite of adversities, which continues to guide us forward to making the changes that we need to allow us to continue to flourish in society. Nonetheless, the month is not only about looking at the past, it is also about the present and future of black people. We need to continue to bring awareness and to educate because Black history deserves to be seen and to be heard. At The Good Care Group we continue to celebrate and appreciate all the beauty the African and Caribbean community brings!”

Black History Month is not just for one month, for many of us at The Good Care Group it is everyday, and a very important part of who they are and within The Good Care Group it is not just about focusing on the past but finding ways to continuously encourage cultural expression. Below our Trainer Samantha Ndhlovu, who has been with The Good Care Group for 11 years, writes about what being black means to her and how she continues to express herself as a former Professional Carer to now Trainer at The Good Care Group:

“From the first day at The Good Care Group I have been welcomed in every single way. Initially I was so worried that if I had my natural hair out, it may not be received well. Yes, people did have questions and were naturally curious, though the experience was positive! I can embrace who I am, I can educate people of my upbringing, my culture and my blackness and that was encouraged. I have always had the opportunity to be me fully.

When in training, I am also very open about my experiences with clients, I bring all of those aspects into the training room. I am very open about different cultures and how things can be perceived. Previously as a carer, I was also very expressive about my love for African culture though, also having an understanding to respect others’ ways of living, because it may be different from mine.

Above all, I see that we are all different but, as the saying goes, we are all so wonderfully made. For me personally, being black, is a privilege and it’s how I treat others and how I am treated in return that matters most.”

To get involved in understanding Black History Month further, please visit blackhistory.org.uk for more information on African and Caribbean culture, literature, events, books and current affairs.

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