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Keeping your loved ones active during the winter months

During the cold winter months, it can be a struggle to keep active, especially for our elderly loved ones. However keeping active is important in order to stay healthy, physically and mentally.


Winter weather conditions increase the risks associated with being outside. Thankfully, there are plenty of activities that can help your loved one avoid these risks while still staying active within their home.

Our professional live-in carers have shared some of the activities they have enjoyed with their clients this winter. Let’s take a closer look for some inspiration.

Activities to help keep elderly people active in winter

1. Go for a walk indoors

With snow, ice and wet surfaces making it harder to get around outdoors, think about indoor spaces where your loved one can walk safely.

2. Enjoy arts and crafts

Try drawing or painting, or maybe make a collage of memories out of old photos. This is a great way to engage in a conversation about memories, special occasions and special events. This gives your loved one a chance to share their life experiences and stories.

One of our professional live-in carers spent the afternoon making personalised baubles with her client. The baubles contained photos of the clients family, which looked lovely on her christmas tree and made lovely personalised gifts for the family to cherish.

3. Cultivate indoor plants

Navigating the garden comes with many risks at this time of year. However, green-fingered older people can still enjoy a spot of gardening during winter.

If your loved one has a conservatory, greenhouse or even just a well-placed windowsill, consider adding a few low-maintenance plants. Your loved one can carry out basic tasks like pruning, re-potting or planting seeds.

4. Prepare for Christmas

Many of the small tasks associated with Christmas provide ample opportunity for helping your loved one stay active. Preparing in advance can also be a rewarding shared experience.

Wrapping presents for friends or family, decorating a small Christmas tree or light baking are all effective forms of exercise. Just ensure the necessary support is on hand.

Mrs A has been busy baking with her live-in carer. Her professional live-in carer explained that Mrs A really enjoys baking for her husband and does this often. They have recently baked a victoria sponge cake and scones.

5. Start a new hobby

Help your loved one learn a musical instrument, a new skill, like knitting, or a new game, like Scrabble. Having a hobby is a great way to keep the mind active and also helps give structure to your loved ones day. Sharing a hobby with your loved one is a great way of maintaining that social engagement.

One of our professional live-in carers explained how his client Mr T’s care team has been helping him play the piano again. Mr T has played the piano for the first time just over a month ago and this was the first time since he was in World War 2 Bomber Command.

We hope you have been inspired by professional live-in carers activities and our suggestions for keeping your loved ones active over the winter months.

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