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One step at a time

Daniel Little, Care Mananger, shares a client story illustrating the benfits of live-in care.


For the first time in 2020, our client V has been upstairs in her house this month.  V had spent much of this year completely bed bound, and had been started on an end of life pathway.  More than once, her family and I thought she was on the final slope. However, her GPs have made some smart meds cuts, new equipment has come into the house, V’s pain was reviewed by a specialist, and most importantly the team was stabilised.

The same team of professional carers have now been in place for several months.  Carol Pritchard has been there for 5 years, and has been joined by Demi Corrigan, Dalila Guerra and Corinne Keany.   Since this team have stabilised V has passed several milestones:

–    Walking again

–    Walking even further (all the way around her bottom floor)

–    Being able to pull herself up from bed without the use of a sara stedy

–    Sitting on the stair lift again

–    Getting back upstairs to see her old room, and try out her old bath (with the support of her physio) for the first time since 2019.

Her recovery has been illuminating and the work we have done has been tireless, and is a fantastic example of why live-in care is so worth it. 

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