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Karen’s Story – caring for a couple

Professional carer Karen has worked for The Good Care Group for the past 5 years and joined our team with over twenty years of experience in psychogeriatric nursing and social work.

She is currently caring for Mr and Mrs S, who are in their 90’s. Mr S has been diagnosed with Alzheimers and Mrs S has macular degeneration and vascular dementia.

Mr and Mrs S came to The Good Care Group in the Summer of 2020, after Mrs S was assessed to no longer have capacity. Professional live-in carer Karen started the placement and took the time to fully understand the couple’s capabilities and to allow Mrs S time to adjust to receiving care. The family provided Karen with a detailed background of both Mr and Mrs S, which Karen found helpful when building a relationship with them.

Karen delivered the person centered care package for both Mr and Mrs S, making adjustments along the way, as she learnt about their personalities, preferences and what they required assistance with.

“I made some tweaks, giving Mr and Mrs S tea/coffee and toast in their bedroom in the mornings, as Mr S had previously taken a coffee up for Mrs S when he was able to.”

Karen also ensured Mr S had tea and toast in the morning, as he was diabetic and his blood sugar could drop too low if he didn’t eat.

It is the subtle, daily tasks our carers complete that add a layer of personalisation to the care they deliver. Professional live-in carer Karen comments,

“Mrs S manages well for herself in the mornings, washing and dressing. In the evening I put her nightdress on the radiator to warm and this pleases her so much. It’s the little day to day touches that make all the difference.”

Mr S now requires assistance with washing and dressing, which Karen provides. He can also easily become confused with the morning routine, so is guided through his personal care, like shaving and styling his hair.

Both Mr and Mrs S eat well. Prior to care commencing, the couple had lost weight, but with the support of Karen and good home cooked meals, have been able to gain this back and their overall health has improved. Mr and Mrs S are also supported with their medication and now take this on a structured daily basis. Karen also provides Mrs S with the companionship and conversation she requires, now that Mr S is not as communicative as before.

Mr and Mrs S’s family come to visit regularly and say that it is nice to be able to spend quality time with their parents. Previously when visiting, their time would be taken up with cleaning, administration and attending to problems about the house, but now Karen deals with the household. The family are satisfied that their parents are being looked after in their own home, that they are safe and secure, eating a healthy balanced diet and that there is someone there 24/7 that always has their best interests at heart.

If you are interested in making a difference to a couple’s life by providing outstanding live-in care, please contact our recruitment team on 02038 115 074, who would be happy to discuss your career options.

There are many benefits to live-in care and some of the benefits are specific to couples care. For example, the cost of care; if a couple moves into a care home, the cost of care is typically double the price of receiving high quality, live-in care at home. With live-in care there is only one weekly fee for the care team, with a small supplement for couples care depending on needs, so it is a very cost-effective alternative to moving into a care home for couples.

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