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It’s never too late for a career change: Sheena’s story

Meet Sheena from our Professional Care team. Her passion for care started after she volunteered in India supporting a lady who was unwell in hospital.

Discover what she loves about her role and why she chose a career in live-in care over retirement.

“I would really recommend this kind of work if you’re on your own like I am or you still feel the need to work and are looking for a really worthwhile occupation.

I gave up working for a large corporate company a few years ago and went into care work. Whilst I was in India, I cared for a very unwell lady on a voluntary basis whilst she was in hospital. When I returned to England my brother jokingly asked what I was going to do for my upcoming retirement. I replied, I’m not ready to retire yet, I might get a proper job! The very next day I saw The Good Care Group advertising for live-in carers. I checked out the support that was offered for employees and was impressed. I sent an email showing my interest and a Skype interview was set up. From there I went to London for their intense training and loved the people I met. All my expenses were covered while in London and the training was excellent.

I love the freedom of being a live-in carer. I could have gone for several different shifts but the one I chose really suited my lifestyle. Live-in care works so well for me as I love to travel and my friends and family are very important to me, so having two weeks to do this each month is ideal. I also loved the thought that my placement would be anywhere in England or Scotland. My first placement was in the beautiful Lake District. The lady I was caring for had Parkinson’s and dementia and I was supported very well by TGCG. There really was always someone at the end of the phone to help me. The wonderful lady I cared for I will never forget. My client loved dressing up, wearing makeup and having her hair done. I also love all these things and I knew I could apply my skills to make the lady happy. That is what I love about TGCG – they try to match you with your clients so you can share your hobbies or passions. I was working alongside another carer in this placement and together we took our client to Poetry clubs, out for evening meals and on a Sunday we both took her to a Spiritual church. It was an incredible time.

I cannot recommend working with TGCG enough. The company is very encouraging and will pay for you to take further qualifications should you wish to further your career. I don’t know of any company as good as TGCG. I will stay with them until I finally hang up my apron. I’m still very healthy and have great energy so I don’t see myself retiring for a good long time yet!”

Curious about how a career change to live-in care could work for you? Click here to apply, or call our recruitment team on 0203 728 7570.

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