Introducing Our Senior Leadership Team - The Good Care Group

Introducing Our Senior Leadership Team

Say hello to The Good Care Group’s Senior Leadership Team! Each of these professionals bring a distinct and diverse set of skills, collectively contributing to the company’s success. They oversee different teams that play an important role in shaping how The Good Care Group operates, ranging from finance, recruitment, technology and more. Together, they form a dynamic force, ensuring excellence in every aspect of our care services. 

The different teams at The Good Care Group are the driving force behind our ‘Outstanding’ rating by the Care Quality Commission, England and our ‘Excellent’ rating from the Care Inspectorate, Scotland.

Meet the team

(L-R): Hannah Morgan, Tony Hall, Sarah Chambers, Anna May, Steven Brown, Kelly Fox, Rebecca Malone-Robertson, Darren Kennedy, Kerri-Anne Jones

Here, we would like to introduce you to each member of the Senior Leadership team, offering insights into their respective roles. This provides a glimpse into how the business functions.

Darren Kennedy – Managing Director of The Good Care Group, Oxford Aunts and Cherished Home Care.

Hannah Morgan – Chief Operating Office, overseeing the operations team. 

Tony Hall – Head of Technology, managing the overall functionality of technology within the business. 

Sarah Chambers – Head of Resourcing, ensuring quality carers are recruited by overseeing the recruitment team.

Anna May – Head of Quality Assurance, leading a team of four as part of the Clinical Quality and Compliance team.

Steven Brown – Head of Employee Relations, leading a team of five that makes up HR.

Kelly Fox – Commercial Operations Director, managing both the Sales, Marketing and Business Development teams.

Rebecca Malone-Robertson – Head of Live-in Care, responsible for a team of nine regional care managers. 

Kerri-Anne Jones – Head of Oxford Aunts, in charge of overall operations and efficiencies at Oxford Aunts. 

Sara Griffin – Finance Director, overseeing the finance and payroll team.

Want to join The Good Care Group?

If you are interested in joining The Good Care Group, as a carer or part of the head office team, you can start an application by following this link.

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Content authored by Chloe Brown 5 January 2024

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