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Hourly Care – Celebrating One Year of Success

At The Good Care Group, we are dedicated to expanding our services and delivering high quality care. This led us to introduce our hourly care services in November 2022 across London, complementing our ‘Outstanding’ CQC-rated live-in care, and offering increased choices and flexibility for both our clients and carers.

After a successful first year of providing hourly care, we are pleased to share the incredible stats we have achieved, and this is just the start of the journey. 

  • We have served 8,500 hours worth of care this year 
  • Our team of three carers has expanded to 23 carers and continues to grow 
  • We initially had one client having three hours worth of care per week, and now have 24 clients receiving 350+ hours of care each week 
  • 100% of our carers have been retained, with only one leaving due to relocation 
  • Our client retention is currently at 98%, only losing clients due to end-of-life or to transfer to live-in care as their care needs increase 

Kelly, Commercial Operators Director shares: 

“Before we introduced our hourly service to The Good Care Group we focused our attention on ensuring we could offer the best place to work for our professional carers and to be the provider of choice for our clients. Our first priority was how do we attract the best carers and retain them. With our retention strategy in place we have been able to retain our care team and retention for our first year was 98%. This has enabled us to offer a continuity of care for our clients. I am so proud of the hourly team and for what we have achieved in year one. It is also great to announce that one of our first ever professional carers won Employee of the Year in our annual awards ceremony last week.”

Congratulations to the hourly care team for their exceptional efforts and commitment. These statistics owe their success to the team’s hard work and dedication. 

  • Kelly Fox –  Commercial Operations Director & Head of Hourly Care   
  • Anna Kerridge – Regional Manager
  • Jessica Monaghan –  Care Manager
  • Kaycee Zach – Care Manager
  • Charlotte Hayward – Operations Manager
  • Gabriella Farkas – Care Coordinator
  • 23 Carers

If you are interested in finding out more about our hourly care services, you can submit an enquiry form today and one of our friendly advisors will be able to assist.

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Content authored by Chloe Brown 21 December 2023

Chloe is our Digital Marketing Executive, helping to support the marketing team to deliver informative campaigns via the website, search and email, aswell as managing our online reputation. She has worked for The Good Care Group since 2022 and has a degree in Marketing.

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