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Good Care Group findings published in NHS care at home review

Good Care Group findings published in NHS care at home review

The Good Care Group has provided key information and collaboration for research now published in the new NHS ‘Better Use of Care at Home’ report.

This forms part of The Keogh Urgent and Emergency Care Review,  a Government project looking into methods for improving and streamlining care services in England. The Review produces practical advice guides for commissioners, health professionals and care providers, to help enhance services and keep care receivers in their own homes for longer.  

For this report, The Good Care Group provided guidance on helping care receivers live well at home in the winter, improving stroke rehabilitation, and palliative care. Such care is vital to reduce the ‘winter pressures’ on healthcare professionals of overcrowding and lack of staff.

The report details conditions that can be exacerbated by winter conditions, and dispels myths about illnesses caused by factors other than the cold. A summary of how cold can affect the elderly is also provided – such as increased fall risks, influenza susceptibility and psychological effects associated with isolation – as well as a practical six-point plan for the elderly and their carers to minimise undue stress and hospital admissions this winter.

‘Better Use of Care at Home’ is the second Governmental report for which The Good Care Group have provided collaboration recently, following last month’s publication of the ‘Dementia and Homecare: Driving Quality & Innovation’ guide.

Fiona Lowry, our CEO, commented: “The Good Care Group are proud to have again provided practical guidance as part of the Government’s drive to modernise the healthcare system, forming a stronger appreciation for the benefits of receiving care at home. We continue to use our research and expertise to inform our personalised care, and to train our highly capable live-in care staff, placing us at the forefront of improving elderly care at home. We hope that the report can be used by commissioners and carers to improve health outcomes across the country.”

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