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Carer Story: Yvette’s Journey and Growth with The Good Care Group

When joining The Good Care Group we invest in your growth and development through training, supervision and coaching giving you the chance to meet your full potential in your career. 

Yvette, one of our rapid response carers, opens up about her journey at The Good Care Group

Yvette, shares a realistic insight into her work as a professional live-in carer, her experience of training in London and the different opportunities during her placement.

“I joined The Good Care Group in 2019 after the interview process. I was nervous about it but was made to feel comfortable and I just chatted about my experience of being a carer in different settings.

“The training was excellent and prepared me for a new career as a live-in carer”

“I come from a small town in the North East and when I was told I would be going to London for a week’s training, I’ll admit I had a little bit of a panic . Luckily, I am not a shy person so when I arrived in London I approached people for help and thankfully they were obliging. My week in London was an eye-opening experience and the training was excellent which prepared me for a new career as a live-in carer. 

My first placement was in region 3 which is in the South West and about 370 miles from where I live but I had an extremely supportive care manager and when the placement came to a close after being there for just 3 months, I was given the opportunity to work in placement closer to home. Because of the professional relationship I had with my care manager, I chose to stay in that region  and she found me a placement with a lovely gentleman. I stayed with him for 3 years before I finally transferred to the Scottish team in November last year. 

When Covid hit us in 2020 and a lot of our carers were furloughed abroad, I covered many placements in my downtime travelling the country and having the opportunity to visit some great places and meet some wonderful people. I would not have had the opportunity to do that if I wasn’t working for The Good Care Group.

“With The Good Care Group you are made to feel like you matter and you belong to something”

“The support and learning I have received whilst being here has allowed me to grow with confidence. With The Good Care Group you are made to feel like you matter and you belong to something, you are treated equally and your opinions are listened to regardless of your rank. 

I have recently been promoted to rapid responder and start my role in a couple of weeks. I am really looking forward to being able to support clients and staff with the knowledge I have learnt. I’m also hoping to build more relationships within the company and continue my career path within The Good Care Group”.

We want to wish Yvette a huge congratulations on her promotion! 

Have you been inspired by Yvette’s story?

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