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Staying together at home with elderly care for couples


When faced with the situation as a couple that you both require some care and support with day-to-day living, or that one of you is spending more and more time caring for the other, one of the most upsetting thoughts can be that one or both of you may need to move out of your much-loved home to receive the care you need. Most couples will have spent many years together in a family home with all their treasured memories and possessions around them, so this can be a very disconcerting time for you and your family.

Staying in the comfort and familiarity of your own home, with the help and support of a 24 hour live-in professional carer is fast becoming the preferred choice for elderly care for couples, with many more families choosing this over moving their parents into a care home setting.

Whether one of you is living with a specialist condition, like dementia or Parkinson’s and the other one just requires some support with mobility or daily routines or to recover from an operation, a perfectly matched carer can be just the answer to ensure you both are able to return to being a loving couple, whilst your care needs are supported to achieve a better quality of life. For both of you.

Why choose home care for elderly couples?

There are many compelling, practical and emotional benefits for couples of receiving care in your own home, as opposed to going into a care home.

Couples who choose to move into a care home are likely to have different care needs. This will result in being cared for individually on different floors and units within the care home, separating you both for a significant part of your daily life. There are very few care homes that offer double bedroom accommodation for couples especially if one of you has a diagnosis of dementia, so you are unlikely to be able to share the same living space – something many couples cannot even comprehend having spent many years living that way together.

Cost of care for elderly couples

One of the most significant considerations here is the cost of care. If a couple moves into a care home, the cost of care is typically double the price of receiving high quality, live-in care at home. With live-in care there is only one weekly fee for the care team, with a small supplement for couples care depending on needs, so it is a very cost-effective alternative to moving into a care home for couples.


High quality one-to-one couples care

One-to-one care cannot be achieved even in the very best care home. With the care and support of a live-in carer, you can both continue to live life your way with the reassurance that you are getting the very best one-to-one care that meets both your needs, around the clock.

Choosing a live-in care provider

Once you have decided that live-in home care is right for you both you will need to consider choosing a care provider. This will involve deciding whether you use an introduction agency to recruit a carer for you to employ and manage yourselves, or whether you use a provider who is able to offer a regulated and fully managed service. This means the carer is employed, managed and supported by them to provide the very highest standards of care. Introduction agencies are also not regulated by The Care Quality Commission (CQC), so the quality of the care is not inspected unlike a provider who offers a managed service.

The Good Care Group female carer working at a laptop

Get in touch today to see how we can help

We provide a fully managed and regulated service and are rated ‘Outstanding’ by the CQC, so you have peace of mind that the care and support you will receive is of the highest standard. Call our friendly expert team today to see how we can support you to live well at home together.

How does live-in care work for couples?

At The Good Care Group, we understand the importance of ensuring couples are able to continue to maintain their lifestyle and routines, with minimum disruption to their life as a couple whilst getting the support they both need.

A fully trained carer will come and live-in your home and support you in many ways, enabling you to focus on each other and the life you have always had. Our professional carer focuses on the task of caring, whilst improving your overall health and wellbeing to positively enhance your life as a couple, but also as individuals.

Our carers will help by:

Providing discreet and sensitive personal care

This can include the task-orientated aspects of caring for someone, like bathing and getting dressed, but also those that promote self-esteem, like having your nails painted or trimmed, or your hair styled.

Managing and administering medications

Carers use an electronic medications system to ensure all medications are managed proactively and effectively. They will also collect prescriptions from the pharmacy.

Ensuring safe mobility in and around the home

We have an in-house Occupational Therapist, Jackie Cooper who will provide expert guidance and advice as to what equipment can help improve safe movement around your home and help to minimise falls in the home.

Domestic tasks

This includes cleaning of all rooms and vacuuming throughout to keep your house to the standards of cleanliness and tidiness you always have.

Planning and cooking meals

Meals will be planned and cooked according to your choice, preferences and nutritional needs, all served at a time that suits you both.

Facilitating social arrangements in the home

Your carer will ensure you can invite friends over for socialisation and celebrations, providing the support you need to enjoy yourselves and not worry about organising anything.

Trips and visits out of the home in your local community

Our carers know how important it is to ensure couples are able to continue to do as much as they wish and that they remain connected with their local community – whether that is a stroll round the local park or attending clubs or groups in the local area or visiting friends or those shops you always have.

Companionship as and when you need it

Our carers will provide companionship to you both, whilst ensuring your privacy is respected. We ensure that a perfectly matched carer shares similar values and interests to make life interesting, stimulating and enjoyable for you both. Our carers are trained to be flexible and understand when you want your personal space, and when it is clear a little company would be welcomed.

Caring for your much-loved pet

Carers will happily support looking after your pet, including taking dogs for regular walks.

Specialist care for conditions and nursing-led care

If one or both of you are living with a medical condition, our nurse led care can assist you to ensure you live well at home, whilst monitoring and identifying any changes in your health and responding appropriately, avoiding any unnecessary hospital admissions. All our employed carers are trained in conditions that affect elderly couples, including dementia, Parkinson’s and care for those requiring Multiple Sclerosis (MS) care or stroke care.

Household administration

If there are letters to post or errands to run our carers are on hand to support your administration needs.

A perfectly matched care team

A live-in care arrangement usually involves two carers working on a two-week rotation. They will be carefully matched working with you and your family to ensure they are able to meet not just your care and support needs, but are closely aligned with how you wish to live your life, sharing common interests, personalities and backgrounds. In the rare situation, the match does not work out we will happily work with you and your family to find the care team that does.


Highly personalised plans of care

Our comprehensive care planning process for care of couples takes into consideration the needs of both individuals. Each of you will have a care plan that considers all your needs including your lifestyle choices and social preferences, so the care you receive is personalised to you individually but also considers how you wish to live as a couple.

Case study: elderly care for couples


Michael’s story – living well with Parkinson’s

The last few years had become a real struggle as Parkinson’s disease began to take its toll on my health and wellbeing. It’s only been with the help of our live-in carers that things have started to get back on track.

Simple things were getting harder – like putting a card in an envelope, getting my trousers on without losing my balance or walking without fear of tripping.

Kathleen and I had been married for over 50 years before my condition began to affect our independence. It really didn’t need discussions with the family – though it probably gave us the final nudge – to decide on live-in care.

The impact the carers have made on our wellbeing has been remarkable. They make sure I take my medication regularly, which in turn manages my pain, and have suggested some modifications at home that make it easier and safer to move around.

I now have my wish to remain living upstairs, writing my book, but I also know that my darling Kathleen is in safe hands too.

There had been times over the last few years when life seemed to be a never-ending cycle of frustration. Just when I thought I was coming to terms with some of what I’d lost, something else would begin to elude me. It’s easy to feel down and let Parkinson’s get the better of you.

So, while our carers can’t exactly put the spring back in my step, they certainly have put the smile back on our faces. They help me keep up with the activities I’d let slip – church, the garden and allowing us both to spend quality time with our grandchildren.

A ‘there when it’s needed, not when it isn’t’ approach to companionship helps us through the dark times and reminds me that I have plenty to be grateful for.

We have a life that has been, and is still, well lived. A life at home, doing the things we’ve always enjoyed, surrounded by everyone and everything we hold dear.

We will always be thankful to The Good Care Group for the difference you have made to our lives. We are able to be a loving couple whilst getting all the help and support we could wish for.

We are here to help you and your family

Our friendly and experienced team is here 24/7 to help you and your family make sense of the options available to you. Call us today to find out more about our elderly care for couples.