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Jobs for retirees

Whether you’re retired or semi-retired a warm welcome awaits you at The Good Care Group if you still have a lot to give and are interested in a live-in care role. If you’re fit and well age is absolutely no barrier to join our team as a live-in carer.

We are looking for qualities such as empathy, understanding, patience, great interpersonal skills and previous experience of providing care. This could be as a care assistant, domiciliary carer, healthcare assistant or similar – or you may have recent experience of providing personal care for a friend or family member.

You may be surprised to learn that over half of our carers are aged 50 plus. People working in live-in care come from many different backgrounds. Sometimes people decide that they are not ready for full retirement after all and our rotas offer them the opportunity to combine work with quality time to spend with family and friends. Others are passionate about helping people and live-in care isn’t just work, it’s life altering work. There are many reasons why people have come out of retirement to join the team, and we think there’s nowhere better to be than in a place where you make life the very best it can be – for your client, yourself and our business.

Darren Kennedy Director and Hannah Morgan, head of operations, says: “We welcome applications from all age groups.

The life experience, knowledge and skills applicants who have either retired or been close to retirement can bring to care are invaluable. We have carers in their 50ies and 60ies – our oldest carer is 74 years old. What matters is that you’re fit and healthy”.

Things to consider before you decide to come out of retirement include what rotas might suit your lifestyle and how confident you are with technology such as using a laptop as all our care plans are online and the first step of the application process is to fill in an online application form.

We run regular online recruitment events which are advertised on our website here and on Facebook, they are an excellent way to learn more about live-in care work and The Good Care Group from the comfort of your own home. You will need to set up an email address, if you don’t already have one, in order to start your application.

You can get a free email address from Gmail, AOL, Outlook, Yahoo and many more. The second part of our application process is a face-to-face interview which we conduct online, so you need access to a laptop with a camera or have a smartphone with a camera. Our friendly recruitment team are happy to help you – just call 0203 728 7570.

What is live-in care?

Our live-in carers are directly employed by The Good Care Group. As a professional live-in carer you move in with your client for the duration of a rota. A rota can be 2 weeks on and 2 weeks off but we have a range of rotas to choose from. Our clients are elderly or live with limiting conditions.

A client typically has a team of two carers who take it in turn to live with them, and when one professional live-in carer arrives at the client’s home, they have a handover with the previous carer. We aim to keep the same team with the client for the duration of us working with the client, and that allows our carers and clients to build up a real connection. Live-in care means having time to get to know your client, time to help them enjoy life and time to provide outstanding care completely tailored to their needs and life.

Our carers typically assist with:

  • Managing conditions such as dementia, stroke and incontinence
  • Moving and handling the elderly or infirm
  • Handling the cooking, cleaning for our clients and ensuring the smooth running of the house
What is live-in care

How do you become a live-in carer with The Good Care Group?

Your first step in our application process is to fill in our online application form. If you’re successful, you will receive an email inviting you to fill in our ‘One Experience’ questionnaire which is a series of questions online. Some of the questions explore how you would react to different care scenarios and it involves video and audio, so do make sure you are in a place where you can hear everything clearly. The One Experience will take 30 – 45 minutes to complete.

After the One Experience you will be invited for a telephone interview followed by a face-to-face interview, but don’t worry you won’t be expected to come into our offices for the interview, we’ll use WhatsApp, Skype or Facetime.

We provide excellent training which forms part of your final evaluation process. If your interviews have gone well, you’ll be invited to participate in a 5-day training programme run by our professional trainers.

Training covers a lot of subjects such as understanding dementia, first aid, medication administration, nutrition and hydration and much more and even better, it will start you off working towards the care certificate. You need to pass the training programme in order to be employed by The Good Care Group, and we run training every single week so we can fit you in quite quickly. We book all our trainees into a hotel nearby and provide breakfast and lunch every day.

The final thing worth highlighting as you are considering leaving retirement and move into care is that we’ll be looking to get references from previous employers as part of the recruitment process, and also clearing police checks for England and Scotland. We’ll be asking you for your career history and previous addresses – this is all standard for care providers who are governed by the CQC and the Scottish care inspectorate. There’s nothing to worry about, our Recruitment team will guide you through the process. If you have any questions now, you can call 0203 728 7570.

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If you’re passionate about providing the very best care, we think there’s nowhere better than The Good Care Group.

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