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How is Medication Recorded by a Live-in Carer

When it comes to your elderly loved ones, keeping a close eye on all the medications they take is vital to improving their quality of life and preventing overmedication. Professional carers use a working document called a MAR chart to record any medication administered to a client. By  understanding how this document works, you can help keep your loved ones safe.

If you have questions about medication management, MAR charts, and the live-in care process such as “how is medication recorded by a live-in carer?” or “what is a MAR chart used for?”, then this guide should help answer any questions you may have.

The Good Care Group knows the importance of proper medication management for individuals receiving care and their families. The best way to feel confident that your loved one’s medication is being properly managed is through daily monitoring. Contact our friendly team to learn how live-in care can improve your loved one’s quality of life through proper medication management, 24/7 support and specialist medical expertise for complex conditions.

What is a MAR chart?

If your loved one has been prescribed medication, you may have already encountered a MAR chart. Each time a carer administers medication to their clients, it’s important that this information be accurately recorded. A MAR chart stands for a Medication Administration Record and it is a working document used to register and accurately keep track of all medication administered to a client.


A MAR chart, sometimes referred to as a MAR sheet, will contain important information such as:

  • What medication the individual is prescribed
  • When the medication must be taken
  • The dosage
  • Specific instructions, such as if medication must be taken with food

All medications must be listed on a MAR chart whether they were prescribed by a GP or taken over-the-counter.

Other important health information about the client will also be included on their MAR chart such as if the client had nausea or if the medication was refused. Each MAR sheet lasts for one month before being replaced by a new one.

The format of each MAR chart varies between care service providers, but each includes their own specific MAR chart codes used to convey vital information. For instance, an ‘N’ may indicate the client had nausea while an ‘R’ may indicate that medication was refused. Each MAR chart must include a key where all the MAR chart codes are clearly specified.

Can a Live-in Carer administer medication?


Live-in carers can administer medication to your loved ones, but this must be clearly specified in the client’s care plan and the carer must have the appropriate training to do so.

The ability to administer medication is determined either by the client’s GP or may be requested by the client themselves if they feel unable to properly administer their own medication.

A carer may directly administer the medication or simply remind their client to do so. This will be determined during the initial assessment phase and will be carefully detailed within the care plan.

What medication can a Live-in Carer administer?

All members of The Good Care Group’s care team receive standard medication training. This means they are able to support your loved ones with their medication management, accurately record and use MAR charts, and assist with blister packs or dosette boxes.

They may also administer non-complex medication and care such as:

  • Tablets or oral liquids
  • Creams
  • Inhalers
  • Eye or ear drops

Complex medical conditions, such as brain injuries or strokes, may require specific complex care. Care workers with specialised clinical training can provide:

  • Continence care
  • Gastrostomy care
  • Ventilated care
  • Wound management and dressing

The Good Care Group supports those living with complex medical conditions through highly-personalised, specialist nurse-led care. Our senior professional carers have all completed our advanced training programme which allows them to perform any complex care nursing task in the comfort and safety of the client’s home.


The best way to ensure that your loved one is receiving the proper care is through qualified medication management. The Good Care Group utilises an Electronic Medication System that ensures proactive health management and accurate record keeping. Keeping such detailed and accurate records allows us to closely monitor our client’s overall health and wellbeing and helps reduce the likelihood of accidental overdoses. The Good Care Group’s professional carers will even collect prescriptions from the pharmacy to ensure proper management of medications.

For over 10 years, we have been providing high quality, live-in care to families across England and Scotland.

Our qualified care staff will help your loved ones expertly manage their medication and can assist with any complex medical requirements. If you or your loved ones are living with a complex condition, our expert nurse-led live-in care can provide outstanding individual support and improve health outcomes.

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