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Meet Rebecca Malone-Robertson

About me

“I am a registered nurse (RGN) at the Nursing and Midwifery Council with over 20 years’ experience in the health and social care industry. I started as a carer in a nursing home in my hometown and quickly realised that I wanted to attend university to become a registered nurse.

“My aim has always been to provide people with the choice and control over their care, and working at The Good Care Group has enabled me to do this. Live-in care allows our clients to remain in the comfort of their own home, near to their family and friends. For our clients, being in familiar surroundings and being able to remain part of their community with the support of our professional carers makes a significant difference to their overall well-being.

“My expertise lies in the care of older adults and end of life care; this remains an area of interest and specialism for me both personally and professionally. 

“As your Head of Live-in Care and Registered Manager with the Care Inspectorate in Scotland, I am accountable for the service received by our clients and the support we provide to families. I have a team of dedicated care managers and regional managers across the UK who work with you day-to-day to ensure that, in partnership with you, we create and deliver a high-quality and holistic care plan to support the individual needs of the clients we support. This approach enables our clients to maintain choice and independence through personalised care and support. 

“Your dedicated care manager will work with you, family members, healthcare professionals and our professional carers to enable you to stay safely and happily in your own home and community. Through regular contact with you, both face-to face and via telephone contact, they will ensure the plan of care meets your evolving needs.”

Qualifications and experience

Rebecca studied in Fife, Scotland, and during her training gained experience in orthopaedics, accident and emergency, care of older adults, colorectal, cardiology and the community. 

Having gained her nursing qualification and registration from Dundee University, she has worked across the public and private sector throughout her career, with clinical roles in care of older adults, care of young adults, family planning, education, training, reablement and health and social care management, as well as managing teams in three community hospitals.

Rebecca was nominated for the Leadship Award at the Scottish Social Services Awards in 2022.

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