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About me

“I’m Anna, Head of Quality Assurance at The Good Care Group. I joined The Good Care Group in 2016 as a Care Manager, moving to the role of Regional Manager in 2019, and then to Head of Quality Assurance in 2023. My previous roles here have meant that I have been able to really understand what is important to everyone who uses our service – colleagues, clients and client representatives alike – and this has provided me with the perfect opportunity to be responsible for driving the quality of all we set out to achieve.

“I have worked in the care industry since 1999, and during that time have had the privilege to be part of teams supporting both adults and children. For me, there could be no other role than working in social care. I remain as passionate as I was on my very first working day that clients should be supported to access every single opportunity available to live their lives as they wish to, and that as the people supporting them, we have the responsibility to enable that.

“My team, which is made up of myself, a Quality and Compliance Supervisor and two Quality and Compliance Leads, is responsible for several very important aspects at The Good Care Group. We audit and oversee the quality of current care delivery, and then we use that to celebrate and share best practice, as well as making suggestions for how things could be improved in order to achieve the best possible client outcomes. For example, every month we complete an analysis of client health incidents, using our bespoke, in-house data analysis programme. From this, we will consider the individual actions taken for each client and ensure that best practice was observed. We then also use the collective data from these to inform our ongoing quality improvement plan, looking for any trends or findings more broadly that can be used across the company to improve all that we are already doing at The Good Care Group to ensure that our clients are supported to live well.

“Nothing is more important to us than improving client outcomes.”

Qualifications and experience

Anna has worked in the social care sector since 1999, when she worked part time as a carer for older adults while studying for a Diploma in Welfare.  Having joined the voluntary service movement in the mid nineties as a teenager volunteering to assist people in the community with shopping and pet care, a lifelong passion for caring for others professionally was ignited.  Once qualified, Anna joined a charity teaching life skills to young people with a visual impairment and spent many years there with her final role being residential service manager. 

She then returned to older adult care – joining a small, local live-in care provider for three years, before moving to The Good Care Group in 2016.

Care at the end of life is an area of huge importance to Anna. She strongly believes that people, if it is their preference, should be given the choice to die in their own homes amongst the people and within the environment they love. Alongside this, she has a particular interest in supporting people with a visual impairment and continues to work voluntarily with specialist organisations that support people and their families to adapt to sight loss.

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