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The Good Care Group – Travel Guide

At The Good Care Group (TGCG), we place great emphasis on ensuring the comfort and convenience of our carers. We understand that travelling to and from your placement can sometimes feel challenging, which is why we have designed a comprehensive support system to make your journeys smoother and more efficient.

We cover the cost of your travel from your home base to your placement within the UK, plus your return journey. We believe that this not only alleviates financial burden but also allows you to focus fully on providing outstanding care to your client.

There may be instances where travelling arrangements pose difficulties, such as emergencies or when on new placements. In such cases, Matthew, our dedicated Travel Support Assistant, steps in to provide assistance and guidance. Matthew is here to ensure that you receive the support you need, whether it’s navigating unforeseen challenges or coordinating alternative travel arrangements when the trains are on strike…again! With Matthew’s expertise and proactive approach, you can be rest assured that your travel needs are in capable hands, allowing you to focus on delivering the high-quality care that our clients deserve.

“It has been great working here so far (coming up to one year) as I believe I can make a difference by ensuring carers are where they need to be, when they need to be, while also ensuring that their journeys are as stress-free as possible” 

Matthew – Travel Support Assistant

Matthew plays a pivotal role within our team, serving as the primary liaison for our dedicated carers for all their travel-related needs. Since becoming a part of the TGCG team, Matthew has truly distinguished himself, showcasing his in-depth knowledge that has garnered widespread praise and admiration from both our carers and his fellow team members alike.

With his dedication and commitment to supporting our carers, Matthew has demonstrated exceptional proficiency in his role, but he has also shown a remarkable ability to cultivate positive relationships with our carers, earning their trust and respect through his reliability and genuine care.

“He is a first class asset to TGCG and to us carers who work from overseas. He is always at hand to help us out with any issues” 

Live-in carer – TGCG

Join our team and experience hassle-free travel to placements with our full support every step of the way. Apply now and let us take care of your travel worries!

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