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What is disability care?

For many individuals living with a disability, one-to-one care provided by a professional carer allows them to continue living happily and independently in their own homes. People living with disabilities may face many unique challenges in their everyday environment. Professional disability care can provide the practical care and support necessary to help them enjoy greater freedom and control over their lives.

Many home environments are not well suited for people living with disabilities. Door handles, bathtubs, and many other everyday items are not always created with accessibility in mind. Disability care at home supports you in completing everyday tasks from meal preparation and housekeeping to offering friendship and emotional support as, and if, you need it.

Every health, mental or physical impairment requires a unique approach to care. The disability care provided by The Good Care Group is completely flexible and can be tailored to meet your exact care needs and preferences.

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What is disability care?
What is disability care?

What is a disability?

A disability, whether physical or mental, is any substantial impairment that impacts your ability to carry out the tasks required of everyday living. Some impairments are the result of complex medical conditions such as multiple sclerosis or Parkinson’s, while others, like visual impairments, may be the result of the natural ageing process.

Despite the challenge brought on by a disability, with the right disability care and support, you can continue to thrive and live with dignity in the comfort of your own home.

What is disability home care?

Disability care is when a professional carer visits your home to provide one-to-one, dedicated support. These visits may be hourly or daily through domiciliary care, or the carer may move directly into your home to provide round-the-clock live-in care.

A professional carer can provide a wide range of services, including:

  • Discreet and sensitive personal care
  • Housekeeping duties
  • Meal preparation and planning
  • Help with mobility, such as lifting or transferring
  • Trips and visits to your local community
  • Caring for your pets
  • Facilitating social visits

Moving into a care home at any stage in life can be a distressing experience, but this is especially so for people living with disabilities who are accustomed to the familiar routines of home. Staying at home and receiving dedicated and compassionate care not only improves quality of life for people with disabilities but their health outcomes as well.

Types of disability care available

If you have decided to seek support in the form of disability care, know that help for people with disabilities is available in many forms, each tailored to your own specific needs and wishes.

Hourly disability care

For individuals with minimal care requirements, our hourly care service offers professional carers who can visit your home on an hourly or daily basis. This option is suitable for those who need periodic assistance with daily tasks and activities.

Respite disability care

Our respite care services are designed to offer temporary relief to primary caregivers. Whether you need a short break or assistance during your usual caregiver’s absence, our team is ready to provide reliable and compassionate support, often within 24 hours.

Live-in disability care

Our high-quality live-in care ensures dedicated, one-to-one support at all times for those with substantial care needs or complex medical conditions. This comprehensive solution not only enhances your quality of life but also contributes to improved health outcomes, reducing the risk of hospital admissions, infections and other health complications.

Palliative disability care

The Good Care Group offers highly personalised palliative care, providing compassionate support for individuals with life-limiting illnesses. Our team is expertly trained to address physical, emotional, and spiritual needs, ensuring comfort and dignity during challenging times.

How does disability care improve quality of life?

Disability care is crucial in enhancing the quality of life for individuals facing various challenges. Our holistic disability care addresses not only practical needs but also emotional and social well-being, contributing to an overall improvement in the individual’s quality of life.

Here are several ways in which disability care makes a positive impact:

Personalised support

Disability care is tailored to the unique needs and preferences of each individual. Personalised support ensures that the care provided is specifically designed to address physical, emotional, and social requirements, promoting a more fulfilling and comfortable life.

Maintaining independence

Through tailored support with daily tasks and activities, disability care empowers individuals to maintain a sense of independence. The goal is to empower individuals to continue participating in activities they enjoy and to lead a lifestyle that aligns with their personal choices.

Enhanced health outcomes

Quality disability care improves health outcomes by implementing proper medical care, medication management, and health monitoring. This proactive approach can reduce the risk of hospital admissions, manage chronic conditions, and improve overall health.

Emotional well-being

The emotional support provided by carers is invaluable when caring for people with disabilities. Building meaningful relationships with care professionals fosters a sense of companionship and reduces feelings of loneliness or isolation. This emotional connection positively impacts mental well-being, contributing to a more positive outlook on life.

Improved safety and security

For individuals with disabilities, safety can be a significant concern. Disability care ensures a safe environment by addressing potential hazards, implementing preventive measures, and providing constant supervision when needed. This creates a secure space for individuals to thrive.

Relief for family caregivers

Disability care not only benefits the individual but also provides much-needed relief for family caregivers. Professional respite care allows family members to take breaks, attend to their own needs, and maintain a healthy balance between caregiving responsibilities and personal life.

Holistic approach

Comprehensive disability care adopts a holistic approach that goes beyond addressing immediate physical needs. It considers the individual’s overall well-being, including mental, emotional, and spiritual aspects, fostering a more balanced and fulfilling life.

Who provides disability care?

Disability home care services can be provided by a home care agency, residential care home, your local authority, or by a home care provider such as The Good Care Group. If you are living with a disability, then you may already receive a budget from your local council. This funding can be used to contribute to the costs of self-funding your own care, or you may be eligible for social care funding.

Individuals can also benefit from the disability care provided by their local councils. The council will assess your care needs, financial assets and disability-related expenditures to determine the level of care you need. Based on the results of your financial assessment, they may ask you to help fund your own care.

Delegated healthcare tasks

Our professional disability carers are trained to monitor and identify any changes in your health, responding appropriately and avoiding any unnecessary hospital admissions. Our carers, with specialist training, can also take on some tasks normally delivered by a trained nurse, occupational therapist, or physiotherapist, including:

  • Insulin administration
  • Catheter flushing
  • PEG feeding
  • Stoma and urostomy care
  • Blood sugar monitoring
  • Delivering rehabilitation programmes
  • Overseeing prescribed exercise plans

Learn more about our specialist care service, guided by our team of in-house experts.

Why choose The Good Care Group for disability care?

Find out why hundreds of families across the country choose The Good Care Group to deliver the care and support their loved ones need:

Highest service rating of ‘Outstanding’ by the CQC

We are the only dedicated live-in home care services provider in England to achieve an ‘Outstanding’ rating by the Care Quality Commission (CQC). We have achieved this rating in all five measures – safe, effective, caring, responsive and well-led. We know this reassures families that their loved ones are receiving the highest standards of care. We have also achieved an ‘Excellent’ rating for our care and support in Scotland by the Care Inspectorate.

Fully regulated care

Families are often left to supervise, manage and organise all aspects of care. With our fully managed home care services, all these worries are simply taken away. We are fully accountable for the care we provide and manage all aspects of your care, including hiring, training and supervising your carers. With a fully managed home care service, you will have all the reassurance you need about the quality of care being provided – making life easier for all the family.

Improved health outcomes

Our elderly disability care at home goes far beyond practical and domestic support – it can improve your health outcomes and quality of life. We use our digital technology, vigilance from our care managers and carers, and industry-leading training programmes to measure health outcomes and manage risks effectively. We are proud that our clients are seven times less likely to suffer a fall or injury and have a reduced risk of other illnesses like chest infections, bed sores and urinary tract infections.

Expertly trained carers

Our recruitment process is so rigorous only 2% of candidates are successful. Once hired, all of our carers are required to complete our market-leading training programme endorsed by the leading charity, Age UK. It goes beyond mandatory requirements in the care sector and living with specialist conditions. Our carers never stop learning new skills to enhance the care they provide further.

Arrange for disability home care

The Good Care Group has provided award-winning live-in care to families across England and Scotland for over 10 years. If you are living with a disability or complex medical condition such as dementia or Parkinson’s, our high-quality home care will provide the dedicated care you need while allowing you to thrive in your own home.

Every decision we take is designed to improve the health outcomes of our clients. With the help of our in-house experts including a Consultant Admiral Nurse, two qualified Occupational Therapists and a Registered Adult Nurse, we can predict potential risks and shape our care plans accordingly.

All of our professional carers are trained well beyond the industry standard and equipped to provide quality care at home to individuals living with disabilities. Through our highly personalised and holistic approach to disability care, we can support you in living a meaningful and enriching life in the comfort, safety, and familiarity of home.

If you are living with a disability or could benefit from one-to-one live-in care, our friendly and experienced team is here to help you find the perfect care solution for you and your family.

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