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Is Your Home Suitable for Live-in Care?

Questions about current living situations are frequently asked, changing a living arrangement in order to receive care, i.e. moving away from a partner or children can be heartbreaking, unfortunately, it is a feeling many people experience once they have moved into a care home.

Around the clock care helps facilitate a better quality of life and comfort for many elderly and disabled people, however, some perceive it as being synonymous with the loss of independence. This is likely because those in need of consistent care generally move into a care home, where staff provide assistance to a group of people throughout the day.

With up to 97% of elderly people preferring to stay in their home whilst receiving care, it’s no surprise that there is a somewhat glum perception of around the clock care – however care homes are not the only option available for those who need long-term and consistent support, live-in care makes it possible for a person to remain in their own home whilst receiving care. A live-in carer is unique in the fact they will live in the home of the person in need of assistance, seeing that the necessary level of care is provided without upheaval and disruption to life.

Live-in care provides a solution that works for people who are faced with the question “what to do when in need of around the clock support?” To help you make sure your home is safe and comfortable to receive 24 our support at home, we’ve listed things to consider to ensure your home is suitable for live-in care.

A spare room

A spare room is a vital requirement if you are considering live-in care for yourself or a loved one. A live-in carer will move into the home and will be typically be expected to sleep overnight. During their working hours (around 12 hours), a live-in carer will provide assistance for a range of different tasks, this can include bathing and getting ready in the morning, preparing tasty meals, prompting medication or simply helping you get into town for a spot of shopping! What your live-in carer does is completely dependent on your care needs and wishes.

During the 12 hour period, carers are entitled to a 2 hour break, this break will be coordinated with the person receiving care so it can be taken at the best time possible. Live-in carers are excellent at being there when needed whilst also providing a person with space and respect – having a private room available for your carer is the best possible way to keep this balance and make the arrangement comfortable and successful.

Family, friends & partners

Questions about current living situations are frequently asked, changing a living arrangement in order to receive care, i.e. moving away from a partner or children can be heartbreaking, unfortunately, it is a feeling many people experience once they have moved into a care home.

A persons care home can be some distance away from their families and friends, busy life schedules and limited visiting hours can mean that the person receiving care will not spend as much time with loved ones as they would if care was delivered in the home. For couples, it is often the case that only one person in the partnership requires care and will move into the care home, leaving a partner at home alone. This type of separation can lead to feelings of loneliness and isolation for both individuals – with adverse effects on health.

The very purpose of live-in care is to facilitate independence, this means a person can continue living how they wish and with whom they wish. Not only does live-in care make it possible for a person to maintain close connections and ties in the community, it provides peace of mind for the family. The pressure of care is alleviated, giving couples and families more time to do the things they enjoy.


If pets are a large part of your life, the question of what to do with a pet when you require full-time care can be extremely difficult to resolve. Some care provision will require the beloved pet to be re-homed, a reality that can take its toll on a person’s emotional well-being and physical health.

Unlike other full-time care options, live-in care supports a person’s choice to have a pet in the home, providing complete assistance with pet care. Live-in carers are trained to ensure your pet is well looked after in your home, carrying out a range of pet care tasks such as:

  • Taking your pets for walks/outings or assisting you with this
  • Purchasing pet food and other items they require
  • Monitor your pet’s health and taking them to vet appointments
  • Providing regular feeding and water
  • Keeping the home safe and clean for both you and your pets

Will you be comfortable?

Your comfort is the number one priority, therefore, it’s important to consider whether you will be happy with the significant change. Many elderly people who have lived alone for a great number of years may find the idea of now sharing their home a little daunting, however soon discover the relaxing and worry-free benefits of 24-hour care in the home

A live-in carers job includes companionship aspects as well as health and clinical care, the 1-to-1 nature of live-in care often creates long-lasting friendships and bonds between a carer and a client. Live-in care providers go to great length to match carers and clients, taking time to understand the personalities of both individuals. As well as personalities, lifestyles are also taken into consideration, for instance, a person who does not eat meat or fish may be best suited for a live-in carer with the same dietary choices. Your carer will also typically have a shared passion this could be for anything from an interest in gardening to a love of baking and cooking- giving you both plenty to talk about.

Live-in care companies pay close attention to these small factors as they are the details that make a person feel completely comfortable, safe and happy with live-in care in the home.

The Good Care Group is a Live-in care provider rated ‘Outstanding’ by the Care Quality Commission. We provide excellent care, support and companionship to help you continue to live safely and comfortably in your home. Find out more about live-in care by The Good Care Group by visiting / or contact us on 020 3728 7575.

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