What's in the pipeline for World Alzheimer’s Month 2018?

What’s in the pipeline for World Alzheimer’s Month 2018?

To mark World Alzheimer’s Month 2018, we’ve put together this handy overview of the initiative and the events being organised to mark it.

850,000 people in the UK live with dementia and this figure is only set to rise, making World Alzheimer’s Month 2018 the most important event of its kind so far.

Join us as we explore the aims and ethos of this international initiative, as well as the many inspirational events arranged to mark World Alzheimer’s Month 2018.

What does World Alzheimer’s Month 2018 aim to achieve?

Organised in association with the Alzheimer’s Society, September 2018 is the seventh World Alzheimer’s Month to be promoted since the initiative was founded in 2012.

World Alzheimer’s Month 2018 has two primary aims:

  • Raise awareness of the condition; its causes, symptoms, impact on quality of life and more
  • Challenge the long-standing stigma surrounding Alzheimer’s and dementia

To achieve these aims, the event brings together people with dementia, caregivers, families, opinion leaders, medical professionals, researchers and media from around the world.

World Alzheimer’s Day comprises part of this initiative and takes place on 21 September each year. Last year’s event focused on the story of Peter Lyttle, who had developed early-onset dementia.

Through the dedicated effort and guidance of care staff – most notably his Dementia Adviser, Elaine – Peter was able to vastly improve his quality of life while helping others come to terms with the condition, too.

What is happening to mark World Alzheimer’s Month 2018?

Events are organised across the world to mark World Alzheimer’s Month. Here are some of the most impressive examples:




  • In the Alzheimer’s Cafe Club ‘Nezabudka’, Moscow, organisers are set to host events that use nostalgic music/dance and specially-trained dogs to welcome people with the condition



  • The Taiwan Alzheimer Disease Association has already hosted its annual academic conference; the country’s Ministry of Health has just announced plans to open 72 new dementia care centres



More events are sure to emerge during the course of World Alzheimer’s Month 2018. Look out for events in your local area.

Find out more about how you can help ensure people with Alzheimer’s receive the support they need to enjoy the best possible quality of life by speaking to our friendly team.

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