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Unexpected benefits of live-in care

“Improving Wellbeing through Care at Home” – New study shows benefits of live-in care

An evidence-based analysis of live-in care versus residential care.

The Good Care Group’s new study “Improving Wellbeing through Care at Home” reviews studies and evidence of care for older people, including those with dementia, examining the case for live-in care as opposed to residential care in a care home. Given the choice, most people would prefer to carry on living at home whilst receiving the care they need.

However, when families are faced with the realisation that their loved one or family member needs increasing levels of care and support, many still feel the only option is to move into a care or nursing home. Whilst there are many good care homes in Improving Wellbeing through Care at Home, live-in care is fast becoming the preferred choice for those who wish to continue living in their own home whilst receiving the care and support they need to enjoy a good quality of life.

In addition to evaluating existing research and studies and expert opinion on the topic, it reviews new data collected independently by The Good Care Group. This data reveals the significant positive impact that person-centred home care can have on health outcomes, including:

  • Improved quality of life and well-being
  • Higher levels of happiness and satisfaction with care received
  • Fewer hospital admissions
  • Reduction in falls
  • Reduced decline in function in people with dementia.

Overall, the evidence reviewed strongly supports the belief that home care is beneficial for older people needing care, with data to demonstrate that care at home can help increase quality of life and ward off cognitive decline – particularly with the condition of dementia – when compared to care within a residential home. The recommendation following this review is that the provision of home care is explored before resorting to residential care.

More benefits of live-in care

There are countless benefits to receiving the care you need in the comfort of your own home. You do not need to leave home to receive the personalised support or nursing care you need to live well. Here are some of the many compelling benefits of live-in home care:

Care perfectly tailored to you

Live-in care provides one-to-one, highly personalised care and support delivered by the same carer that you can form a relationship with – something that is difficult to achieve even in the best care homes. A uniquely developed, highly personalised plan of care ensures all your needs are met whilst addressing how you wish to live your life.

Familiar and safe surroundings

We passionately believe that most people want to stay in their homes for as long as possible. Home is where your belongings, treasures, pets and memories are. Where the family is used to visiting and where your community can support you. This is especially important for people living with dementia, as familiarity is vital to overall health and well-being.

Maintain your routines, hobbies and lifestyle

Our care is flexible and can easily be adapted to fit your lifestyle. Our bespoke care plans include all of your holistic needs – including supporting hobbies and activities you love or accompanying you to your favourite spots in your local community. From discussing your favourite books to playing board games or enjoying walks in the garden, our carers can help you keep up with the things that make life meaningful for you.

Enjoy a trusting relationship with your carers

Our carers offer much more than just practical support – they are trusted companions there to provide a friendly face and companionship. Our focus on matching you with the right carers ensures everyone is happy and your physical and social needs are met. Your care team really gets to know you and your preferences, giving you consistency of care.

Couples can stay together

Live-in care is a cost-effective option for couples, as care homes charge double for two bedrooms, while live-in care only incurs a nominal cost for two people at the same address. The cost of couples live-in care from The Good Care Group starts at an additional £395 per week on top of the single live-in care fee.

Stay in the community you love

Travelling long distances is easier with the support of a live-in carer. Your carer can help facilitate outings into your local community. From parks and cultural attractions to your favourite neighbourhood shops, your carer can help you get out and enjoy your local community.

Cost effective

Live-in home care costs are comparable to care homes and often less. In care homes, nursing care can increase costs. With live-in care, you can keep your home, and fees only cover support, not room and board. Live-in care can be more cost-effective than domiciliary care for individuals with complex medical needs. The total cost to provide hourly care to someone living with high or complex needs is likely to exceed the price of an inclusive live-in care service.

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