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A Touching Moment

A short piece written by Professional Live in Carer at The Good Care Group. Beverley Taylor who was moved by the progress her client had made in the short period of time she spent with him.

During the 8 months that I have been here I have seen Mr S absolutely blossom…

When I first arrived he used to get aggressive, and say derogatory remarks to Mrs S. Well this morning…the positive change could not have been more apparent. Mr S had moved a table that was in the front room and positioned it in front of his wife’s bed. He had then lovingly displayed 4 vases of flowers and all her birthday cards, presents and a cake.

What made it all the more sweet is that it took him 2 days to move the table. He had shifted it inch by inch, from one room to the next, then had to have a rest and then early in the morning he had moved it inch by inch in front of her bed. It really reminded me of the magic I once felt as a child, coming downstairs to discover presents underneath the tree and wondering how they got there. Likewise in this case, for a moment I genuinely thought a member of the family had popped in to secretly do it. I was totally perplexed wondering how all the presents had appeared in front of the bed. I then saw a scribbled note that said “to her, from him” and realised that Mr S had done all of this whilst I was sleeping.

What a beautiful surprise he had created for Mrs S. All the more touching was the effort and numerous trips he had to walk back and forth between the rooms moving the cards, presents, 4 vases and flowers, with a walking stick in one hand. I was so surprised and moved by it, I burst into tears. Good tears, knowing that Mr S has changed beyond recognition since I started here, to such a thoughtful and gentle man. The note may have just said to her from him, but the actions spoke a thousand words!

Beverley Taylor, Professional Carer, The Good Care Group

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