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New BBC film looks at people living at home with dementia

A new film by the BBC has profiled three people living at home with dementia. Over 525,000 with dementia live at home, a large percentage of the estimated 850,000 people who are thought to be living with the disease.

In the programme those diagnosed with Alzheimer’s talk about their experiences of living with the disease, and what helps them to live well with it.

Wendy, aged 57, was diagnosed with early onset dementia one year ago. She has given up her job, and now spends her time with family, writing a blog and supporting the Alzheimer’s Society in medical trials. She appreciates the opportunity for activity and contribution offered by the research trials: "Just being part of that research makes me feel of value. You lose a lot of feeling of value when you are diagnosed with Alzheimer's [disease]."

Helping a loved one with dementia to keep up leisure activities and daily routines can be a key factor in maintaining their emotional well-being, and forms a part of Good Care Group’s guiding philosophy of ‘person-centred care’ for those with dementia. Also in the film is Christopher, who was diagnosed aged 63, seven years ago. He lives at home with his wife Veronica, who says that carrying on with hobbies and socialising have helped her husband continue to live well.

It has been four years since 58-year-old Keith was diagnosed with dementia: "People say to me 'well, sometimes we hardly know you have dementia', - on good days I cope very, very well. On other days I'm less good." Keith says that it is spending time at home with family which helps him cope: "That is what lifts the fog for me. It makes me feel I'm being listened to. The love of family helps considerably in slowing down [the effects of dementia]."

If you’re caring for a loved one with dementia, you can learn how to apply the SPECAL® method to assist understanding and communication, and enrich their quality of life. Good Care Group carers are all trained in using the SPECAL approach, which has seen great success.

You can watch the full film on the BBC website. For more information on care options at home, and expert advice on helping loved ones to live well with dementia, you can see The Good Care Group’s website or contact one of our friendly advisors.