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My live-in care induction training week – Beverley’s story

If you’re thinking about changing roles and joining us at The Good Care Group, it’s natural that you will have questions for our team. One thing we’re often asked about is what happens during our 5 day induction training, which takes place at our London office every week. We spoke to Beverley who completed her induction with us in October 2021 to find out more about her training week experience.

I was becoming increasingly anxious on the day before my training was due to begin. Would I find the office ok? Would the hotel be comfortable? Would I find the other trainees friendly? Turns out that the other trainees had shared the same anxieties, which is only natural really.

I arrived at the hotel on Sunday, tired after a journey from Scotland. The hotel was absolutely fantastic! I couldn’t quite believe that TGCG was investing so much in me. I felt really welcome and really valued and very relaxed. The next day, after a superb breakfast, I spied another trainee asking for directions, so we buddied up and walked to the office together. 

When we arrived we were met by our trainer Sam, who had been a Carer with TGCG. She was really everything we needed in a trainer. She was very knowledgeable, checked our learning along the way, encouraged input and lively debate and was supportive. The training was very in depth and interesting – we all felt that it has given us the tools we were going to need in our placements. In addition to legal frameworks, practical sessions and assessments on all the topics studied, we were given a good deal of information on how to access support. Whether that be support for personal issues or on placement support. It is a reassuring feeling to know that there is somebody on hand to offer advice and help 24/7. It makes me feel that there will be an entire team on placement with me.

It really only took one day for us all to become firm friends. We all shared our experiences and supported one another. For the remainder of the week we all met for breakfast and walked to the office together. I have made some friends for life and we are still in touch with one another every day. 

The standards set and expected by TGCG are very high and there are many opportunities to grow and further your career. I, for one, am thrilled and excited to be part of the team.”

If you have at least 6 months’ experience in caring for the elderly and you would like to discuss joining our team, speak to our recruiters by calling 0203 728 7570.

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