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How to keep elderly people active in winter

Learn more about how to keep elderly people active in winter and what live-in care can do to support your loved one throughout the colder months.

Keeping elderly people active in winter can be a real challenge. However, being active is crucial for helping your loved one stay healthy and engaged throughout the winter months.

Harsh weather conditions increase the risks associated with being outside. Thankfully, there are plenty of activities that can help your loved one avoid these risks while still getting much-needed exercise and social engagement.

Let’s take a closer look at some of the options.

Activities to help keep elderly people active in winter

This list is far from exhaustive. However, it should help you come up with some ideas to try with your loved one.

1. Go for a walk indoors

With snow, ice and wet surfaces making it harder to get around outdoors, think about indoor spaces where your loved one can walk safely.

They might enjoy a trip to their favourite shop, café or local garden centre. You could also take them to visit a museum or stately home, or to see a Christmas show.

2. Attend an exercise class

Age-appropriate exercise classes can be a great way to keep elderly people active in winter, as well as providing a valuable opportunity for social interaction.

Contact local community centres and charities aimed at elderly people to find out about exercise classes in your area. Or, search the NHS listings for an appropriate event.

3. Cultivate indoor plants

Navigating the garden comes with many risks at this time of year. However, green-fingered older people can still enjoy a spot of gardening during winter.

If your loved one has a conservatory, greenhouse or even just a well-placed windowsill, consider adding a few low-maintenance plants. Your loved one can carry out basic tasks like pruning, re-potting or planting seeds.

4. Prepare for Christmas

Many of the small tasks associated with Christmas provide ample opportunity for helping your loved one stay active. Preparing in advance can also be a rewarding shared experience.

Wrapping presents for friends or family, decorating a small Christmas tree or light baking are all effective forms of exercise. Just ensure the necessary support is on hand.

How live-in care helps keep elderly people active in winter

Setting up a live-in care arrangement can ensure your loved-one gets the personalised support they need to enjoy a high quality of life throughout the winter months.

A dedicated live-in care team can assist your loved one with the activity ideas mentioned above. While promoting independence, the care team can also monitor risks and stand in for any tasks your loved one may no longer be able to accomplish his or herself.

At The Good Care Group, our medically trained live-in carers can help ensure any physiotherapy recommendations are carried out as per doctors’ instructions. We can even assist your loved one in attending family or local community events to keep them engaged.

Help your loved one maintain the best possible quality of life throughout the winter months by adapting these tips to suit their specific tastes and preferences.

Find out more about how live-in care can help keep your loved one active and socially engaged throughout winter by speaking to the friendly team at The Good Care Group.

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