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How often do you look back to realise just how far you’ve come in your caring journey? At The Good Care Group, we recognise our Professional Carer’s hard work and have recently rewarded Jill with a certificate of Carer of the Month. This encouraged Jill to think about her time with us and reflect on her professional growth. Jill said “Thank you for your recognition of my work that I do. Carers are often overlooked at what they do in the field and I am absolutely over the moon that I have been recognised. Thank you so much to various team members who have provided me with support, courage and wisdom to do what I need to do”.

When starting with The Good Care Group, each carer will attend our market leading induction training, regardless of experience. It will introduce you to our ways of working and it’s also a great way to refresh your skills and knowledge, and get to know us a little better. Jill found her training valuable “When I first started two years ago, I was thoroughly supported during my training. I have reflected back on what I was taught and used it in my every day work to become the best that I can be”. Like many of our team, you may want to specialise in caring for people with complex conditions like Dementia or Parkinson’s, or grow into a managerial role. Wherever your ambition lies, the team around you will give you the support you need to achieve it.

With regular contact and feedback from her Care Manager, Jill is able to develop her skills and increase her knowledge day by day. The partnership our Care Managers have with their Carers is paramount to supporting them to do their work to the best of their ability. “Every day my Manager strives for me to be confident and to believe in myself more. Without your help encouraging me when I fail to see what you see in me, I wouldn’t be where I am now. My feedback has been nothing but praise and encouragement”.

The Good Care Group has a set of values that guide the way we work and every employee is recruited against these values. Teamwork has played a large part in Jill’s personal and professional growth. “Thank you for the individual roles that you have all played in order for us carers to reach our potential. I know that with you there in the background, watching and observing, I can achieve anything. With teamwork and your partnership, you have all contributed to what I have become today”.

We are passionate about supporting our teams to develop their skills and knowledge. You will also have the opportunity for further development such as studying for your level 2 diploma in working in care services and a level 3 award in awareness of Dementia. We also provide advanced Dementia courses, Parkinson’s training and end of life training too. 

Want to grow your career with us? Apply now or call our team on 0203 728 7570.

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