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Familiar surroundings help dementia sufferers

A story from Scotland has made headlines around the world. Matt Muircroft, 75, from Motherwell, spent weeks painstakingly recreating the décor of his former home for his wife Julie, who was diagnosed with dementia in 2009.

Matt spent a decade working as a decorator, and used his skills to replicate every tiny detail, after Julie’s dementia diagnosis prompted the couple to move out of their home of thirty years  and into a flat in Motherwell last year, to be closer to family.

Alzheimer’s Scotland, which provides support for the couple, advised Matt that major changes to surroundings can cause anxiety for dementia sufferers, which was when he decided to redecorate their new flat. With no computer, the former tradesman had no idea his story had touched the hearts of so many people, appearing on global news sites.

Demand for home care

The couple’s moving story highlights the need for more private home care services to offer support to dementia sufferers in their own home. Care in familiar surroundings is important to allow those diagnosed with dementia to feel comfortable and reduces the risk of anxiety and depression.

The Good Care Group trains its carers using the SPECAL method, and our market-leading dementia programme focuses on assisting patients with positive thinking to alleviate depression, instilling a sense of personal worth and providing nutritional support and personal care, all in the comfort of familiar surroundings.