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Elderly should state preference for home care

New research shows that 9 out of 10 elderly people would prefer to be cared for at home, rather than going into residential care. Whilst this might not seem like surprising news, 75% of people don’t discuss this preference with their families.

A tricky topic

It’s a topic that the over 50s find more difficult to broach than funeral plans and life savings, and experts believe this is mainly due to a lack of available information on options for the elderly. Often, the decision is only made at the last minute after a crisis, rather than planned for in a proactive way.

Home care preference

Over 50% of people over 50 in the UK have had to organise care for a loved one, but 30% didn’t ask what type of care their relative would prefer. Of 11,700 people surveyed, 87% would opt for home care. It seems men are even less likely to discuss their needs than women, with 89% of those surveyed saying they wouldn’t discuss care preferences with family.

With the number of people over 65 in England receiving home care dropping by 22,000 to 414,780 in 2012, it’s important that elderly people are aware of their options and feel empowered to speak out about their preferences.