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Developing a career in care

If you are looking for a career in social care we think there’s nowhere better than The Good Care Group.  From our Professional Carers and Care Managers through to our Trainers, Recruiters and Scheduling teams, there are many different roles that you can enjoy whilst working in the social care sector.  We are incredibly proud that a number of our head office teams have developed their career in care with us.  We recently caught up with Sacha in our Client Services team who joined us as a Professional live-in Carer back in 2015.

Sacha was first introduced to a caring role when she was living overseas in Nigeria.  One of her friends became very unwell and Sacha helped to care for her in hospital.

“My experience caring for my friend gave me a real sense of purpose.  It was challenging at times, but it made me realise that this is what I wanted to do.  When I returned to the UK I started researching live-in care companies and came across The Good Care Group.  I went to their office in London and I can just remember noticing that everyone I met in the office was smiling.  It felt very welcoming and after my interview when I was offered a role there was no question in my mind – I wanted to work with The Good Care Group. I’ve now been with the company for 6 years and what I love about TGCG is that we all live by the company values and we are all passionate about providing the best care possible for our clients.”

Sacha spent her first three years with TGCG working as a Professional live-in Carer.  “I have had some amazing clients that I will never forget and I have learnt so much from them.  I really enjoyed the moments where I made my client smile and the times where they would tell me that I had made them feel safe and cared for – that’s so rewarding.”

Live-in care enables our Carers to spend quality time supporting their clients on a one-to-one basis.  It’s different to a traditional domiciliary care role or working in a residential care home because you don’t spend your time rushing from client to client.  You have the time to focus on both care and companionship, supporting your client with their hobbies and interests too.

During her time as a Professional Carer Sacha worked with a number of different clients, gaining experience in supporting people living with Dementia, Parkinson’s and other medical conditions.  Whilst Sacha enjoyed working one-to-one with her clients, she felt she needed to use her skills and experience in other ways and wanted to develop further within the social care sector.  Sacha spoke about this during the Director’s lunch as part of her annual refresher training and not long after, she joined our London office team as a Regional Support Assistant (RSA).

“Being an RSA is all about supporting Carers.  It could be anything from sending them flowers to arranging travel or just being there to listen when they’ve had a bad day.  Having worked as a live-in carer I understood the challenges that Carers face in placement and it enabled me to provide them with the care and support that they needed.”

“Working at TGCG it has been possible for me to continue learning.  I have always wanted to further my knowledge and skills and by having open conversations about this and the support of senior management I have been able to do this with TGCG.  I joined the Client Services team in 2020 and every day is different.  I could be helping someone who is trying to navigate the care system for the first time, or someone who is in urgent need of help, offering advice and support at a very difficult time in their or their loved ones’ lives.  I love the team and the support I get from my colleagues and my manager at TGCG – it really does make all the difference.”

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