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Cut your risk of stroke by a third with regular walks

With around 152,000 people in the UK suffering fatal or disabling strokes every year, experts are always looking at ways to cut the risk of stroke. A recent study has suggested that taking a 90 minute stroll everyday could cut men’s risk of stroke by up to a third, with the length of time spent actually walking more important than the speed.

Keeping active

The American Heart Association published the study in its journal, the subjects of which were 3,435 men aged 60-80. The research revealed that men who walked between 8-14 hours a week were a third less likely to suffer stroke than those who walked less than 3 hours a week.

Lead researcher Dr Barbara Jefferis, of University College London said: “Our findings suggest that regular walking each week could be an important part of stroke prevention strategies in older people.”

Regular exercise

The study was part-funded by the British Heart Foundation, whose research advisor Dr Shannon Amoils commented: “This is further evidence that regular exercise – even a daily stroll in the park – can be an effective way to keep healthy.”

Harvard researchers carried out a similar study in 2010 which revealed that women who walked 2 hours or more a week were 30% less likely to suffer a stroke than inactive women.