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Care Sector News Review: June 2018

Welcome to Care Sector News Review, June 2018 edition.

Here, we'll give you a brief introduction to some of the most compelling care sector news from across the industry.

Find out what's been happening across the care sector during June 2018:

Care services

Medical research

  • Having type 2 diabetes increases your risk of developing Parkinson's disease by more than one-third, according to scientists from University College London. The most extensive study of its kind to date suggests that diabetes indicates a genetic predisposition to Parkinson's.
  • Alzheimer's Society has described the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence's (NICE) new dementia guidelines as "just a starting point". The revised guidelines recommend a more extensive initial assessment and single care coordinator for each individual with dementia.
  • AXA Health has found that 54% of people with relatives who have dementia believe there was a delay between symptoms becoming apparent and a diagnosis being made. 48% would have encouraged their loved one to see their doctor earlier had the necessary diagnosis technology been in place.

Awareness initiatives

  • Bowel Cancer UK organised 'Step up for 30' this month; a campaign designed to raise awareness and funds for bowel cancer treatment. Hundreds of volunteers raised tens of thousands in sponsorship for undertaking 30 minutes of physical activity for 30 days.
  • With prostate cancer overtaking breast cancer as the UK's third biggest cancer killer, this year's 'March for Men' took on new significance. The event saw groups take to the pavements up and down the country to help raise £120m for new prostate cancer tests and treatments.
  • 4-8 June marked National Glaucoma Awareness Week, which encouraged older people to get checked for dry eye syndrome (a condition closely linked to glaucoma). Though this condition affects approximately one in three people nationwide, many have not yet received a formal diagnosis.
  • Friends and colleagues up and down the country hosted events to mark British Heart Foundation's 'Wear it. Beat it.' campaign this month. Participants wore red at work, organised bake sales and hosted 'red pamper days' for their nearest and dearest.

Join us again in the last week of July for more of the latest care sector news.

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